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Fishing in Utah 2023-2024

Utah can be easily called a fisherman's paradise, due to its variety of fishing opportunities and scenic spots

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Utah offers varied fishing opportunities that suit everyone's tastes and desires. Anglers can find over 1,000 fishable lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and numerous streams. Stunning landscapes of red rocks, canyons, and mountains are an additional plus for enjoying your favourite activity.

The state of Utah is well-known for perfect trout fishing conditions in mountain lakes and streams. It also offers great opportunities for fly-fishing. Around six rivers and three flat water basins offer some of the best conditions for this kind of fishing. These are Cutler Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir, Electric Lake, Fish Lake, Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Lake Powell, Stateline Reservoir, and Utah Lake. Fish species range from the rainbow and native cutthroat trout to large mackinaw and brown trout, striped bass, walleye, bluegill, whitefish, and more. Eight water reservoirs have kokanee salmon or common carp in them.

Fishing enthusiasts can find great spots around the state, but Southern Utah is the best region. Hundreds of lakes and rivers in the southern part of the state are regularly stocked with fish. One of the best fishing destinations here is the Sand Hollow Reservoir. This spot features the geological formations similar to those of Zion National Park and modern facilities found on the lakefront. Anglers can find bass and bluegill here. If you are looking for a more remote and silent spot, Pine Lake is your best choice. Located near Bryce Canyon National Park, this small natural lake is filled with rainbow trout.

Fish Lake and Johnson Reservoir are both parts of the Fish Lake National Forest. These are also some of the most popular fishing destinations. The variety of species here include splake, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout. The fall season at this place is the most remarkable. The largest freshwater lake in the state, Utah Lake, is one of the greatest fishing spots as well. Anglers can find channel catfish, walleye, white bass, black bass, and several species of panfish.

Most of the waters in the state are open for fishing year-round. You should check the rules, limits, and catch-and-kill regulations before you go fishing in the particular spot.

Practical info

What are some of the best fishing spots in Southern Utah?

Southern Utah boasts exceptional fishing spots such as Sand Hollow Reservoir, Pine Lake, Fish Lake, and Johnson Reservoir. Each spot has its own unique fish species, with anglers catching anything from bass and bluegill to rainbow trout and brown trout. Sand Hollow Reservoir, for example, offers an experience reminiscent of Zion National Park, while Pine Lake is a more peaceful location. Whether you're after peaceful surroundings or a remote location to sharpen your fishing skills, Southern Utah has plenty to offer fishing enthusiasts. Show more

Which fish species can be found in Utah's waters?

Utah is a fisherman's delight, with over a thousand fishable lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and streams that are home to fish species such as brown trout, striped bass, kokanee salmon, whitefish, channel catfish, and black bass. Besides these, other species include walleye, white bass, bluegill, rainbow trout and native cutthroat trout. With so many species to choose from, anglers are sure to find their favorite type of fishing in Utah. Show more

When is the best time of year to fish in Utah?

With most waters in Utah open year-round, fishing enthusiasts can fish at any time of the year. However, spring is the best season for fishing, as this is when fish spawning occurs. In April and May, popular species such as rainbow trout and cutthroat trout can be caught. The fall season is also an excellent time for fishing, particularly in October when the leaves start changing color. Regardless of the season, there is always something for anglers to catch in Utah. Show more

Where can I go fly-fishing in Utah?

Fly-fishing enthusiasts will love Utah's six rivers and three flat water basins, which provide excellent fly-fishing opportunities. Several spots such as Deer Creek Reservoir, Electric Lake, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir offer rainbow and cutthroat trout species. Lake Powell, Cutler Reservoir, Utah Lake, and Stateline Reservoir are some other fly-fishing hotspots anglers can explore. Before embarking on a fly-fishing adventure in Utah, be sure to obtain the necessary fishing license. Show more

What are the fishing regulations in Utah?

Fishing regulations in Utah are overseen by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), with specific rules for each water body. Fishing licenses are mandatory for every angler except young children. Detailed regulations are available on the DWR website or in person, and there may be specific guidelines on catch-and-release or catch-and-kill regulations, live and dead bait restrictions, and the number of fish that can be kept per day, among others. Before going fishing, one must always check and comply with the applicable fishing rules and regulations. Show more

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