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Tarpon Fly Fishing in Cuba

A challenge for experienced fishermen, that requires much skill and knowledge

Best time: April–June

Tarpon Fly Fishing
Tarpon Fly Fishing
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Tarpon is quite a huge fish that can weigh up to 50-100 lbs (23-45 kg). This can't be an easy target even for the most experienced fishermen. However, the waters off Cuba's southern coastline offer favorable conditions to try and improve your fly fishing skills. This area teems with the migratory tarpon from April to June, with May being the prime time. Some of the fishiest spots are located between the Isla de la Juventud (Youth Island) and the island of Cayo Largo. The chances are equally good around the Jardines de la Reina archipelago located further to the south-east. In addition to tarpon, there are other species of fish, such as bones, permit, snook, barracuda, snappers, jacks, and even sharks.

That being said, you shouldn't have too great expectations. Apart from your skills, you'll need other conditions, such as good visibility, nice wind, hungry fish, and after all, a sheer amount of luck. You must be patient and ready for a lean weekend, or more likely a week before you take that much-desired shot with the catch of a lifetime. And be sure to bring a strong insect repellant, as mosquitoes in the area are usually way more eager to bite than tarpon.

Practical info

When should you engage in tarpon fly fishing in Cuba, and why?

To indulge in tarpon fly fishing off the southern coast of Cuba, the best period is April to June, preferably May. During this time, the migratory tarpon can be found in the region's sea waters. It is important to note that tarpon fly fishing requires considerable patience, skill, and luck to succeed. Show more

What are the prime locations for tarpon fly fishing off the southern coast of Cuba?

Some of the sites between Cayo Largo Island and Isla de la Juventud and the Jardines de la Reina archipelago, situated further south-east, are some of the top areas for tarpon fly fishing in Cuba. These regions provide favorable conditions, making them ideal for indulging in the activity. Show more

What variety of fish can an angler catch while tarpon fly fishing off Cuba's southern coastline?

An angler can catch various marine species while tarpon fly fishing in the southern seas of Cuba. The catch includes Snook, Snappers, Barracudas, Jacks, and occasionally Sharks. Furthermore, an angler fishing for Tarpon is also likely to catch Bones and Permit, requiring diversified fly-fishing skills, which is an added advantage. Show more

What skills and knowledge are necessary for successful tarpon fly fishing in Cuba?

Tarpon fly fishing in Cuba demands advanced fly-fishing skills and familiarity with the species' behavior to achieve success. With their uncommon acrobatics and challenging fight before capture, quick reflexes, and stamina are crucial. Furthermore, patience and persistence are essential, requiring a significant amount of angler's time before achieving success. Show more

What items are necessary to carry while planning a tarpon fly fishing trip to Cuba?

High-quality waterproof clothing, wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, insect repellants, as well as reliable rod, reel, and fly lines such as crease flies, panty droppers, and gurglers are necessary items to carry when planning for tarpon fly fishing in Cuba. Since fishing lodges lack fishing gear, it is obligatory to bring all the required apparatus and tackle. Show more

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