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Сatfish Fishing Season

Try out your fishing luck—the depths of the Danube Delta may conceal a 400 kg catfish


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Fishermen are attracted to Romanian water basins for the incredible possibilities. Catfish is the largest and most sought after in the Romanian delta. The current record is 400 kg! A few years ago someone caught a catfish weighing some 100 kg as well. Though such godsends are not frequent, a 20 kg fish is quite common. Catfish is splendid in the Sulina and Chilia branches of the Danube delta July through October. As for other kinds of fish, the areas of Sfântu Gheorghe village, Channel 5, and Lake Sinoe are abundant in pike perch. Carp is found aplenty in Sfantu George Branch, Lake Fortuna, Lake Lumina, Lake Rosu, Sontea Channel, Uzlina, Hoblina, and Bogdaproste.

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