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Сatfish Fishing Season in Romania

Try out your fishing luck—the depths of the Danube Delta may conceal a 400 kg catfish

Best time: July–September (depends on species)

Сatfish Fishing Season
Сatfish Fishing Season
Сatfish Fishing Season
Сatfish Fishing Season
Сatfish Fishing Season

Fishermen are attracted to Romanian water basins for the incredible possibilities. Catfish is the largest and most sought after in the Romanian delta. The current record is 400 kg! A few years ago someone caught a catfish weighing some 100 kg as well. Though such godsends are not frequent, a 20 kg fish is quite common. Catfish is splendid in the Sulina and Chilia branches of the Danube delta July through October. As for other kinds of fish, the areas of Sfântu Gheorghe village, Channel 5, and Lake Sinoe are abundant in pike perch. Carp is found aplenty in Sfantu George Branch, Lake Fortuna, Lake Lumina, Lake Rosu, Sontea Channel, Uzlina, Hoblina, and Bogdaproste.

Practical info

When is the best time to catch catfish in Romania?

Catfishing is best from July to September, based on the species, water temperature, food availability, and angling techniques used. The Danube delta's Sulina and Chilia branches are famous during this period. Be aware that period may vary. Show more

Where are the best spots in Romania to fish for pike perch and carp?

Spots such as Sfântu Gheorghe, Channel 5, and Lake Sinoe provide excellent pike perch fishing opportunities, while carp fishing can be quite successful in Lake Rosu, Lake Lumina, Lake Fortuna, Sfantu George Branch, Sontea Channel, Uzlina, Hoblina, and Bogdaproste. These places are not only famous but very successful for fishing. Show more

What is the largest catfish caught in the Romanian delta and how much did it weigh?

The biggest catfish caught in the Romanian delta weighed 400 kg. The potential for such record-breaking catches draws catfish angling fans to Romanian water basins worldwide. Only a few catfish weighing more than 100 kg have been reported, making that 400 kg Exceptional. Show more

When is the peak fishing season in Romania for various species of fish?

The fishing season in Romanian water basins is generally between May and October, peak season timings differing with fish species. For instance, catfishing is best from July to October, while pike perch is abundant in June and August. Carp fishing is all year round, and its peak season ranges from May to September, dependent on the location's latitude. Show more

Do I need a license to fish in Romanian water basins? If yes, where can I get it?

Yes, if you want to fish in Romanian water basins, you need a fishing license, purchasable at any Regional offices of the National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture and authorized sale points. One-year, 30-day, and five-day validity licenses are open to visitors depending on their fishing preferences and tenure. The license you need will vary according to your fishing requirements. Show more

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