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Medieval Festivals 2020

Sword fights, troubadours and minstrels, and witches burning at the stake—all just as in the Middle Ages

Medieval Festivals in Romania 2020 - Best Time

Cristian Bortes

​Festival-goers can leave reality for a couple of days and plunge into a medieval atmosphere where princesses wear long colourful dresses, knights fight with swords, craftsmen make leather shoes, jewelry, and other contemporary trinkets, troubadours recite their sweet love poetry, minstrels delight with their music, and a mad woman is accused of witchcraft and publicly burnt at the stake. Besides medieval music, dance, and theatre performances, one can watch horse shows and engage in sword battle tournaments, crafts, or cuisine workshops. Romania has this historical heritage from the Saxon colonists who came here in the Middle Ages and built a number of towns in the region of Transylvania. Thus, Transylvanian medieval towns boast fine ancient architecture, featuring numerous castles, fortified churches, centuries-old houses, and citadels which often become the venue for festivals. The most prominent festival takes place in July in Sighisoara. Mediaș and Bistrita host medieval festivals in June, whereas Sebeș and Sibiu celebrate medieval culture in the second half of August.

Bistrita Medieval Festival 2020
Bistrita Medieval Festival
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