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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2022

Check out theatrical performances depicting one of the decisive battles of the Wars of the Scarlet and White Roses


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This medieval reconstruction of the battle that occurred in 1471 is held in Tewkesbury Town. The tournament recreates the atmosphere of the Hundred Years War period between England and France. You can see the troops of York gaining victory over the Lancaster in the Battle of Tewkesbury.

From each "belligerent" side you see knights in full combat attire, as well as patrons, squires, and beautiful ladies. Tournaments are held under the supervision of the host, who comments on all the events which makes the spectacle even more interesting. In addition to the colourful jousting tournament, all spectators are entertained with the festive events, accompanied by medieval music and dancing.

In addition to the battle, you can visit the exhibition of archers and craft workshops. The medieval fair unfolds in a city where you can not only buy goods characteristic of that era, but also participate in fair entertainment or try making old tools and utensils.

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