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Medieval Festival of Bouillon 2023

Visitors plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages

Dates: August 12–13, 2023

For two days in August, the small Wallonian town of Bouillon turns into a time machine. Knights and artisans, troubadours and falconers, and dozens of other characters gather at the foot of the Bouillon Castle (Château fort SI Bouillon) to re-create a typical medieval setting.

Medieval Festival of Bouillon (Fête Médiévale de Bouillon) features two medieval camps—inside and outside the castle—where anyone can try food and drinks, attend the market and discover crafts. Blacksmiths, potters, and other local and visiting artisans show their mastery and sell their goods. It is also possible to join the hunt or practice using weaponry (such as a crossbow).

The parade of knights, Vikings, and other characters takes place in the afternoon. The colourful cortege passes through the town to the sounds of minstrels, lutes, and drums. The culmination of the program is a live concert on Saturday evening that ends with a light show of fireworks.

The castle dates back 10 to 11 centuries and is an atmospheric venue to host such an event. Festival days unite the entire town. With less than 6,000 inhabitants, Bouillon is quite small, but ready to entertain admirers of the Middle Ages.

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