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Robin Hood Festival 2020

A knightly tournament with real ale, live music, and theatre performances in a medieval village with street artists and travelling minstrels


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In honour of this famous "noble robber," Nottingham holds the Robin Hood Festival in the Sherwood Forest (Sherwood Forest Country Park). During the week, guests will be entertained by jugglers and buffoons, minstrels and strolling street performers, hunters, and amateurs in medieval battles.

Robin Hood Festival  in England - Best Season 2020
Best time for Robin Hood Festival  in England 2020

The event is in line with the story of the noble thief: the sheriff of Nottingham and his entourage try to catch the criminal. Of course, all participants are dressed in costumes. The Robin Hood Festival would be incomplete without archery, which runs near Major Oak. Costumed archers in uniform compete with each other to demonstrate their skills. Anyone can try this competition. Festival guests will be able to visit an exhibition about falconry and talk to a connoisseur of alchemy as well.

Best time to see Robin Hood Festival  in England 2020

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