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Tallinn Medieval Days 2023

Go back in time and feel the spirit of a medieval city in Tallin

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Every year during the second weekend of July Tallinn turns into a blossoming Hansa City Reval, just as it looked like in the Middle Ages. Estonian Folk Art and Craft Unions organise the Medieval Festival, which is concentrated in the Town Hall Square. During the festival, you'll be able to feel the atmosphere of that historical period.

You can also enjoy playing some medieval sports games or take part in the knights' tournament. Lots of handicraft workshops, such as felting, woodcarving as well as concerts and performances await you. A real medieval market is set up in the Town Hall Square. On the streets you can easily meet troubadours, jesters, jugglers, minstrels and other medieval entertainers. A children's area of workshops and games, organised for girls and boys of all ages, can be found on Niguliste hill. These days can be real fun for the whole family.

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