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The Wedding of Isabel de Segura 2019

An excellent alternative to the well-known Valentine's day, Bodas de Isabel de Segura represents a great love story

The Wedding of Isabel de Segura in Spain 2020 - Best Time
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© Pedro Hernandez Barrachina

Every year, a unique and special festival called Bodas de Isabel de Segura—the wedding of Isabel Segura—takes place in a city called Teruel, in Aragon. During this time, locals and visitors celebrate the romantic tragedy of Isabel and Diego, Spain's answer to Romeo and Juliet, with a Medieval festival that coincides with Valentine's Day.

The Wedding of Isabel de Segura in Spain - Best Season 2020

The festival has been celebrated here since 1996 and honours the traditions of the Middle Ages. Today, you can be a part of the spectacle through old costumes, songs, dances, medieval markets, exhibitions and other activities. If you decide to visit eastern Spain, don't miss this lovely holiday that will fill your heart with love and emotion.

Bodas de Isabel de Segura takes place every year in February.