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Bullfighting Season in Spain

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Bullfighting Season
Bullfighting Season
Bullfighting Season

Bullfighting originates from ancient days. While it was a popular spectacle in ancient Rome, in the Iberian Peninsula, these contests were fully developed by the Moors from North Africa who overran Andalucia in AD 711.

You can observe bullfighting all over Spain. All major Spanish cities have great bullrings, but the most spectacular are the bullrings in Madrid, Seville, and Ronda. You should also be reminded of the popular Pamplona Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin festival.

Generally, the bullfighting season for most parts of Spain runs from April until September. However, the first bullfights take place already in late March and the last ones—in early October. There is also a number of bullfighting festivals held all over the country in and out of season. Valencia holds a famous one in March and another one in Ciudad de Rodrigo, near Salamanca, welcomes festival goers in February.

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When is the best time to witness bullfighting in Spain?

Bullfighting season in Spain runs from late March to early October, but the festival is at its peak between April and September. Valencia is popular, as it has the Falles festival in March. Other countries, such as Ciudad de Rodrigo, hold bullfighting festivals as early as February. Show more

What is the origin of bullfighting in Spain?

Moors from North Africa developed bullfighting when they took over Andalusia in AD 711. It was previously used in ancient Rome in the form of gladiatorial contests. The sport continued to grow in popularity through the 18th and 19th centuries to become what it is today, the iconic Spanish tradition. Show more

Where are the most spectacular bullrings located in Spain?

Major Spanish cities often have bullfighting, but Madrid, Seville, and Ronda are home to the most striking bullrings in the country. These cities host many significant bullfighting events, and in particular, Seville boasts one of the oldest bullrings still used today, that also presents a unique beauty and admirable arena. Show more

Are there any bullfighting festivals held out of season?

Several Spanish cities celebrate festivals that showcase bullfighting both inside and outside the regular season. In March, Valencia has a bullfighting festival, and in February, there is one in Ciudad de Rodrigo near Salamanca. Although these festivals may not be as impressive or as frequent as those during the season, they still portray the tradition and excitement of bullfighting to tourists. Show more

How long is the bullfighting season in Spain?

Spain's bullfighting season begins from late March to early October. The most popular period of the season for visitors is between April to September. Nevertheless, several bullfighting festivals are held at different times of the year, although these have a more modest scale than those seen in the bullfighting season. Show more

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