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Bous a la Mar in Denia 2023

Are you brave enough to lure a bull into the sea?


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The event Toros en el Mar which means 'Bulls in the Sea' is what it sounds like. It is one of the wildest festivities in the province of Alicante, around 100 km away from Valencia. Many consider it more interesting than the classic bull run, and more animal-friendly. The goal of the activity is to lure the bull to come after you down the main street of Marqués de Campo in the town of Denia and then make them jump into the Mediterranean Sea. When a bull falls into the sea, it's rescued by a special boat; but there were some cases when bulls drowned in the water.

People and media express their concern regarding animal abuse in this kind of events for the human entertainment. For those who are brave enough to take part in such an event, Toros en el Mar is happening every year in July. Of course, you can also be a part of the audience; safe, but still amused.

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