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Hiking around Mallorca

February–May | September–October • activity

Cliffs, hills, mountains, canyons, torrents and the valleys of Mallorca await you

Festa des Vermar or Grape Harvest Festival

mid-September • event

100 years before Christ, Mallorca was already making wine

Beach Season

May–October • activity

Check out the best and the least crowded beaches in Mallorca

Cliff Jumping

April–October • activity

Overcome your fear of heights, and try a free fall jump

Boating and Yachting around Mallorca

May–October • activity

Feel the wind in your hair, while a luxury yacht crosses the waves of the Balearic Sea

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

March–November • activity

Do not spend all your time on the ground, as the waters of the Balearic Sea hide many unforgettable attractions as well

Mountain Biking

September–May • activity

Some hills are for climbing, some for cliff jumping, and some are ideal for mountain biking

Prickly Pear

September–December • food

A most delicious taste hides behind the thin and spiny skin

Dolphin Fish

August–October • food

Local seafood is remarkable and delicious

Bougainvillea Bloom

April–September • nature

Beautiful vines cover many trees and bushes on the streets of Majorca


April–September • activity

The deep waters of the Balearic Sea are not so scary while atop a gliding surfboard with the wind at your back


Saint Anthony's Day

January 16–January 17 • event

Watch dancing demons, try eel ensaimada, and have your dog blessed in Mallorca on the Sant Antoni celebrations

Dijous Bo Fair

November 16, 2017 • event

For two days the city of Inca turns into the capital of Mallorca because of its liveliness, noise, and great number of people

La Festa de's Cavall

August 28 • event

Watch this gorgeous dance of horses

Sa Rua and Sa Rueta Carnival

February 10–11, 2018 • event

Check out this small Rio de Janeiro style Carnival on the streets of Mallorca

Lizards of Sa Dragonera

June–August • nature

This attraction is only for those who don't have reptiles on their list of personal phobias

Almond Trees Blossom

late January–March • nature

Fill the irresistible scent of almonds flowers and taste some new dishes made with nuts


mid-October–February • food

Spread it on bread, try it with honey, or eat it separately—try every possible variation of Mallorca's favourite sausages

Trempo Salad

June–August • food

Try this fresh, simple, healthy, and tasty snack

Angel's Sunday

April 08, 2018 • event

Celebrate Angel's Day, also known as Domingo del Angel in Spanish, in an ancient castle