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Bougainvillea Bloom

Beautiful vines cover many trees and bushes on the streets of Majorca

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Bougainvillea...what a difficult name for a simple plant! But if you ever see it, you will never be able to forget it. In Spain, this vine species is called bougainvillea and it is very common sight both on the streets and in people's gardens. The warm climate in Majorca promotes even the better growth of bougainvillea and a longer period for its gorgeous beauty.

Surprisingly, it is not flowers that attract so much attention. Its flowers are tiny and pale white. In contrast, three or six bracts surround each cluster of flowers. Due to the size and bright colors, these bracts seem like real flowers and make bougainvillaea such a magnificent plant.

If you visit Majorca in the dry season between April and September, you simply cannot miss them.

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