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Sunflower Fields in Tuscany

These large yellow flowers will please your eye throughout the summer

Best time: late June–early August

Sunflower Fields
Sunflower Fields

If you are in Tuscany in the summer, you can't miss witnessing sunflower fields. You'll see them driving from Florence to Sienna, or anywhere you go.

Sunflowers are symbolic of the Maremma region. You can spot huge picturesque fields when driving along the coast—to Pian d'Alma or Castiglione Della Pescaia.

The first green growth starts to appear at the beginning of June. And this is the only indication of where these fields will be sprouting up. But the fields start to turn yellow towards late June, and suddenly everything turns yellow. It continues like this well into August.

Massa Marittima has been flaunting sunflowers since time out of mind, and your head will definitely go round when you see fields of unbelievable yellow flowers in full bloom in between driveways lined with the picturesque Mediterranean pines.

Besides its unique views of naked hills changing its colors depending on a season, Val d’Orcia is also known for numerous sunflower fields. The round bales of hay mixed up with unbelievable sunflowers are just a pure delight to an eye.

Casentino area is mostly known for its grain and tobacco harvest, but you can also find several sunflower fields around many small towns there. Large yellow "blots" can be visible right off the main road.

Practical info

When do sunflowers typically bloom in Tuscany?

Sunflower blossoming periods depend on weather and temperature patterns. Sunflowers typically begin to bloom in Tuscany around the end of June. Green growth initially emerges in June, with fields turning yellow as the month progresses. During July, the glorious sunflower fields can be seen everywhere, continuing until early August. Show more

Where in Tuscany can I find the best sunflower fields?

Tuscany is well-known for its picturesque sunflower fields found across various areas. The most beautiful sunflower fields are typically in Maremma, Val d'Orcia, Casentino, and in the coast of Pian d'Alma or Castiglione Della Pescaia. The breathtaking and stunning views of the sunflower fields will be sure to charm and leave you in awe. Show more

What is the significance of sunflowers in the Maremma region?

The stunning sunflower fields that bloom in Maremma are a symbolic representation of the vibrant and scenic beauty of Tuscany's countryside during summer. Maremma has been known to offer amazing views of the sunflower fields with yellow flowers everywhere. These magnificent fields can be spotted while driving across the region's coast, towards Pian d'Alma or Castiglione Della Pescaia. Show more

Are there any specific areas in Tuscany that are famous for sunflower fields?

In Tuscany, there are several specific areas, such as Maremma, Val d'Orcia, Casentino and the coast of Pian d'Alma or Castiglione Della Pescaia, that are well-known for their beautiful sunflower fields. From late June to early August, these regions offer stunning sunflower fields along the way when driving from Florence or Sienna to other Tuscan towns. Show more

How long do Tuscany's sunflower fields typically last throughout the summer?

In Tuscany, sunflower fields typically last from late June to early August. The first growth appears in June, while the color of the fields starts to turn yellow later that month. From then on, sunflower fields can be seen spreading their beauty and vibrancy until early August. If you visit Tuscany during the summer, experiencing the charm of the sunflower fields is a must. Show more

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