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Best time to go to Tuscany

Fiera del Cacio 2022

The cheese fair held in the birthplace of pecorino itself offers the best selection of world-famous Tuscan cheese


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Pecorino, one of the most famous Italian cheeses, can be found in supermarkets all over the world. However, there is no guarantee that this cheese was made according to traditional rules. After all, there is not enough sheep in Tuscany to satisfy the worldwide demand for pecorino. Therefore, if you want to try the real thing, you have to come to Pienza, a site listed as a UNESCO heritage and the home of pecorino.

Every year in the beginning of September, Pienza cheese makers exhibit and sell their best production at the famous cheese festival known as Fiera del Cacio. The name literally means "cheese fair". That's a great occasion to sample both young and aged pecorino produced with respect to traditional methods. Besides, you can watch or take part in cheese rolling competition, enjoy traditional performances and simply have fun.

Traditionally, pecorino was made only during the summer months when the grass and water were aplenty and sheep produced enough high-quality milk. Modern industrial facilities make for year-round milking, so nowadays pecorino di Pienza is produced all year.

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