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Best time to travel to Tuscany


Numerous birds choose Tuscany as their temporary winter home


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The warm climate of southern Maremma attracts many birds from Northern Europe in the winter. Lago di Burano, a bird sanctuary of international importance operated by WWF, is also one of the best places to observe migratory species in the colder months. The area consists of wetlands, a saline lake, and large woods. It's a winter home for many kinds of ducks, herons, falcons, and even flamingos. The lake is equipped with observation huts for the comfort of birdwatchers. Excursions are possible only if accompanied by a guide.

Another sanctuary—Riserva Naturale Laguna di Orbetello is more liberal. It can be visited without a guide during daylight hours from September to May. You can see up to 300 bird species including the rare northern bald ibis.

Spring is also a good time for birding since Tuscany is a stopover for many migrating species. Padule di Fucecchio, a reserve located between Pistoia and Lucca is especially great at this time.

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