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Choose Malaysia if you want to see as many different kinds of birds as possible and meet colleagues from all over the world


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Malaysia is a paradise for birders, photographers, and nature lovers. More than 750 bird species inhabit or migrate through Malaysia, whereas about 40 of them are considered endemic. The top birds of Malaysia include rhinoceros hornbills, Malayan peacock-pheasants, black pittas, dulit partridges, and others. There are many parks and reserves where birds are not so hidden from visitors by jungle canopies.

Almost every green location is a good spot for watching birds, but the highest density can be found in Cape Rachado Forest Reserve, Fraser's Hill, Bako National Park, and so on. Fraser's Hill is also famous for its annual International Bird Race in May or June, and Cape Rachado gathers birders for observing migrating long-running raptors between March and May or September and November.

In terms of migrating birds, mangrove forests are the best place to look for them. More than 45,000 birds can be found during migration in the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve.

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