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Snow Geese Spring Migration

Millions of wild cries hover above the land as endless birds fly overhead—just to notify they're coming home


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One hears them long before they appear in sight. The stunning, loud calls become louder and louder tearing the air apart—this means an immense cloud of wild geese is hurrying back home to Canada, Greenland, and Alaska after their winter stay as far south as Texas or Mexico.

St-Barthélémie, Isle of Skye, Quebec, Canada 2020
St-Barthélémie, Isle of Skye, Quebec, Canada
Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec, Canada 2020
Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec, Canada

The spring migration is way more impressive than autumn, as in spring the birds act more unified in a large stream. Flocks of snow geese set off north already in late February, and in March the migration is already at full speed.

Delta, British Columbia, Canada 2020
Delta, British Columbia, Canada

The bird cloud might pave its way across Canada and northern U.S. It can be observed even in New York. One may also see them resting side by side on a big lake covering the entire water's surface areas.