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Reindeer Migration in Norway

By the end of Christmas season, thousands of Santa's helpers set off for the two-month long trip across the frozen plains

Reindeer Migration
Reindeer Migration
Reindeer Migration
Reindeer Migration
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Reindeer winter migration from Norway to Finland is the unique chance to observe nearly 3,500 Santa's helpers racing across the frozen Scandinavian plains accompanied by Sami herders during the whole way.

The animals resemble flocks of birds if you watch them from the height. Besides the landscapes are truly breathtaking, as the clouds turn pink in -15 to -20 °C.

The sunset breaks after a strenuous long trip are mesmerizing.

The migration starts after New Year and lasts for two months, virtually from January to February.

Practical info

When is the best time to witness the reindeer migration in Norway to Finland?

The migration of reindeer from Norway to Finland can be best witnessed from January to February. The migration, which lasts for two months, is characterized by extremely low temperatures of -15°C to -20°C. Visitors are advised to be prepared for the weather conditions. Show more

Where can I find the Sami herders during the migration?

Sami herders, who are native to the Nordic countries, can be found accompanying the reindeer throughout their migration journey through Norway to Finland. They have a traditional culture of migrating with the animals throughout the year and are knowledgeable in navigating the snowy landscapes. Show more

What is the total number of reindeer that migrate across the Scandinavian Plains?

The migration of reindeer across Norway to Finland is undertaken by about 3,500 animals. This journey covers 150 kilometers and forms an integral part of the Sami culture that has been practiced since ancient times. Show more

When do the reindeer start their migration trip from Norway to Finland, and when does it end?

Following Christmas, the migration of reindeer typically commences in January and lasts for two months until February. Along the traditional paths, the reindeer can cover about 1,200 kilometers, with each animal covering approximately 20 kilometers daily. Visitors to this breathtaking event are sure to have a memorable experience. Show more

What kind of temperature can we expect during the migration trip, and what should we wear to cope with it?

The migration of reindeer across Norway to Finland is well-known for its extremely low temperatures that can range from -15°C to -20°C. Visitors are advised to wear appropriate winter gear such as a down jacket, gloves, hat, and winter boots suitable for traveling through snow-covered landscapes. Keeping snacks and staying hydrated throughout the journey is recommended. Show more

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