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Wall of Sharks in French Polynesia

With the full moon shining over the very heart of the Pacific, thousands of spawning groupers are enclosed by hundreds of hungry predators

Best time: July 3, 2023

Wall of Sharks
Wall of Sharks
Wall of Sharks

Only once a year around the full moon in July something wondrous happens in the Pacific. Fakarava South Path sees thousands of groupers that choose the area to be their spawning ground, and numerous predators are attracted to the gathering. Even in other times the waters around Fakarava teem with sharks. One might see walls composed of a 100 to 600 grey sharks. It must be truly exciting to meet that number of sharks face to face.

Worried about your safety? Well, Fakarava sharks are not vegetarians, though they also don't eat people. So feel safe and free to observe them from every possible angle.

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When is the best time to witness the Wall of Sharks in French Polynesia?

You can witness the Wall of Sharks in French Polynesia around July's full moon when thousands of groupers gather to spawn and attract hundreds of predators. The event is expected to peak on July 3, 2023, and is a fantastic opportunity for animal enthusiasts and divers. If you want to experience natural wonders and biodiversity, French Polynesia and the Wall of Sharks event is a must-see destination. Show more

What is the location of the Fakarava South Path in French Polynesia?

Fakarava South Path, located in French Polynesia, is a part of the Tuamotu Archipelago, which consists of around 80 islands. Fakarava is among the largest islands in the archipelago located on the western side. You can reach the island after taking a 45-minute flight from Tahiti. French Polynesia is a beautiful destination that offers clear turquoise waters and natural wonders like the famed Wall of Sharks. Show more

How many groupers gather to spawn during the Wall of Sharks event?

Thousands of groupers converge in Fakarava South Path during the Wall of Sharks event. These fish play a vital role in the coral reef ecosystem and attract various predators. Observing this rich biodiversity and natural wonder is awe-inspiring for animal enthusiasts and divers alike. It is a unique opportunity to experience the seasonal phenomena of this underwater world and appreciate the planet's natural beauty. Show more

What predators, apart from sharks, are commonly found in the area during the Wall of Sharks event?

Barracudas, jacks, and groupers also gather near Fakarava South Path during the Wall of Sharks event and provide ample meals for hungry predators such as blacktip sharks, lemon sharks, and occasionally tiger sharks. Due to the high concentration of sharks, the area is a popular destination for adventurous divers and marine life enthusiasts alike. The Wall of Sharks event is a unique opportunity to witness the natural wonders of French Polynesia. Show more

How many grey sharks can usually make up the Wall of Sharks during the event?

The Wall of Sharks event can be made up of anywhere between 100 to 600 grey sharks. It's an opportunity to experience underwater wonders and get an adrenaline rush from being in close proximity to these predators that typically do not pose any threat to humans. The wide variety of sharks, as well as their size and quantity, make French Polynesia an ideal destination for shark lovers and marine life enthusiasts looking for an adventure. Show more

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