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Caribou Autumn Migration in Alaska

Caribou d​eer are an integral part of Alaskan wildlife. Every fall, these animals migrate across Kobuk River. Watch them in their natural habitat!

Best time: late August–mid-October

Caribou Autumn Migration
Caribou Autumn Migration
Caribou Autumn Migration
Caribou Autumn Migration
Caribou Autumn Migration
Caribou Autumn Migration

The autumn, migration usually occurs anytime between late August and mid-October, so it is almost impossible to guess the exact time when animals will start to move. But if you visit Alaska during this period, follow the latest news not to miss the beginning of the migration.

One of the most spectacular parts of it is when caribou swim across the Kobuk River on their way to the Richardson and Ogilvie mountains in the Yukon Territories. Nature photographers will defin​itely love it!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Alaska to observe the Caribou autumn migration?

It is best to plan your trip to Alaska between late August and mid-October to witness the Caribou autumn migration. Keep in touch with the latest news to receive updates about the beginning of the migration season. The animals move across the Kobuk River in Alaska, providing an opportunity to witness them in their natural habitats. Show more

Where is the migration taking place?

The Caribou autumn migration takes place in Alaska, Northwest of the state, near the Arctic Circle. The Caribou crosses the Kobuk River in the region before continuing its journey across Alaska to the Richardson and Ogilvie mountains in the Yukon Territories. Viewing the Caribou migration is an exceptional opportunity to see Alaskan wildlife in its native personas. Show more

How long does the Caribou autumn migration last?

The Caribou autumn migration takes several weeks, occurring anytime between late August and mid-October. The migration period's length is dependent on factors such as the weather and the number of Caribou in the herd. Nature enthusiasts and wildlife observers will witness one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles in Alaska. Show more

Do people need any special permits to watch the Caribou migration?

Accessing designated wilderness areas to witness the Caribou autumn migration in Alaska doesn't require any special permit. However, established rules and regulations governing these areas must be followed. It is important to avoid getting too close to these animals during the migration period to preserve their natural habitat. Consult your travel company or local guide for any restrictions. Show more

What are some other Alaskan wildlife species that can be seen in addition to the Caribou migration?

Grizzly bears, wolves, and moose are just a few of the many wildlife species found in Alaska, including during the Caribou autumn migration season. These animals venture out of the woods to hunt and forage. Bald eagles, Dall sheep, huskies, arctic foxes, and humpbacked whales can also be found throughout Alaska. Even outside the migration season, tourists can still see bald eagles or moose exploring the great outdoors. Show more

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