Best time to visit Alaska

Active Glaciers Cruise in Alaska

Witness one of the scariest and most beautiful phenomena of Alaska—glacier calving

Best time: June–July

Active Glaciers Cruise
Active Glaciers Cruise
Active Glaciers Cruise
Active Glaciers Cruise
Active Glaciers Cruise

Because of the global warming glaciers in Alaska are melting faster and faster. Perhaps, in a few decades, there will be no ice at all. Glacier calving is a majestic and sad sight. In Alaska, ​you can take a cruise during the warmest months, when the temperature is rising, and watch it in real time. For best impressions, visit Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord, Mendenh​all Glacier, or the glaciers of College Fjord.

Practical info

When should you visit Alaska for an active glaciers cruise?

The best time for an active glaciers cruise in Alaska is in June or July, when the temperature is warmer, and the glaciers are more active. This time also provides an opportunity to enjoy related activities like ziplining, kayaking, hiking, and whale watching. It is essential to wear warm clothing due to Alaska's generally chilly weather. Sudden weather changes are common, so visitors must be prepared for the changing weather conditions. Show more

Where are the best places to witness glacier calving in Alaska?

Alaska provides several places to experience glacier calving, such as Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Glacier, Mendenhall Glacier, Sawyer Glacier, and the glaciers of College Fjord. Tourists are treated to beautiful and breathtaking views of the landscapes while witnessing the glaciers break and crack into the waters. These locations provide an opportunity to study the glaciers and the effect of climate change on them. Show more

How can I book an Alaska glaciers cruise?

Various cruise operators offer packages for an Alaska glaciers cruise. It is advisable to book in advance from one of the several online booking sites available. These platforms provide detailed information on packages, prices, and itineraries. It is crucial to check the operator's credibility, licensing, and reputation before booking. Comparing prices and services is a wise step before booking. Some of the popular cruises are Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean. Show more

What other activities are available besides glacier watching in Alaska?

Alaska provides numerous activities besides glacier watching, catering to the adventurous. These include kayaking in glacier waters, fishing in famous rivers, trekking in the scenic backcountry, skiing, and dog sledding. Tourists can also go whale watching, visit galleries, museums, explore the Alaskan native culture and tradition, and take charming walks in cities. Anchorage offers tourists a chance to explore the city's vibrant food and nightlife scene. Show more

What precautions are necessary before embarking on an active glaciers cruise?

Visitors embarking on an active glaciers cruise need to take precautions due to Alaska's harsh climate. Warm clothes, comfortable shoes, hats, gloves, sunscreen, insect repellents, and water are necessary. People prone to seasickness should take medications before boarding. Visitors cannot interact with wildlife, camp around the glaciers or go into the mountains alone. Following park and operator regulations, safety instructions, and guidelines at all times is important. Show more

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