Best time to visit The Netherlands

Sailing and Cruising Season in The Netherlands

The Netherlands are made for sailing! Sail the beautiful rivers and channels to admire this beautiful country

Best time: March–December

Sailing and Cruising Season
Sailing and Cruising Season
Sailing and Cruising Season

Coinciding with the flowering season, the high season for sailing happens in spring and continues until summer. It is a beautiful experience to watch the villages, castles, cathedrals from water. If you mind the crowds and a possibility of hot days, you should aim for the low season falling between late November and the end of December. It might get a bit wet and cold, but it definitely has some charm to it, not mentioning the plentitude of nice weather days also! Remeber to avoid sailing trips in January and February, since most river and canal ships stop operating at his time.

Practical info

When would be the opportune period to sail across The Netherlands?

The months of March until December are considered to be the best time to sail across The Netherlands. The high season, however, would fall during spring and the summer months. The country, as viewed from the seas, displays stunning villages, cathedrals, and castles, and with fair weather, one is bound to enjoy the view. Best advice to avoid the months of January and February, given that most of the river and canal ships do not operate during these months. Show more

What are the popular attractions for tourists who go sailing in The Netherlands?

Sailing, while striking off tourist sites in The Netherlands, is a delightful adventure. From historic canals in Utrecht, the Venice of the North, to Kinderdijk windmills, there is a never-ending list of popular spots to visit when sailing in The Netherlands. The magnificent castles, distinctive canals, and captivating villages are some of the highlights one should expect to encounter when exploring the country. Show more

Where are some popular areas to anchor while in The Netherlands?

Finding places to anchor while sailing through The Netherlands is easy. Rotterdam, a charming city, popular Zierikzee, and Delft, a historic town, are among the best docking locations. Each place offers unique experiences from Dutch heritage to culture, making the trip a memorable one while capturing the essence of the country. Show more

What is the typical duration of a sailing excursion in The Netherlands?

The duration of a sailing excursion in The Netherlands entirely depends on one's exploration needs. Excursions can last from several days to two weeks, but most tours are likely to span over 7-10 days, granting ample time to explore the country's picturesque views. Certain tours may provide shorter or longer sailing trips, catering to the preferences of their clients. Show more

What are some safety measures to keep in mind when sailing in The Netherlands?

Sailing in The Netherlands requires some precautions. Check the weather forecast before sailing, and make sure to have suitable gear to wear. Knowing the sailing rules and regulations of the area is indispensable. Keep life jackets easily accessible, and confirm the condition of the vessel before setting sail. Vigilance is required, and keeping an eye for other watercraft while enjoying the pleasure of the sailing journey is crucial. Show more

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