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Cruising on a Vintage Steam Boat in Scotland

Even if you do not fancy visiting museums, you will definitely enjoy a sail on the Vic 32 proclaimed a "smokey living museum"

Cruising on a Vintage Steam Boat
Cruising on a Vintage Steam Boat
Cruising on a Vintage Steam Boat

When you feel the urge to cruise somewhere with a great sense of adventure and history, there is no better choice than the vintage steamboat​ Vic 32—a beautiful ship that was built back in 1943 and is described by its present owner as a "smokey living museum." T​he ancient water vehicle will take you away from Ardrishaig and carry you on a memorable week-long voyage along the 200-year old Crinan Canal. The cruises run from late April to mid-September.

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What is the Vic 32?

Built in 1943, the Vic 32 steamboat is a vintage vessel that serves as a 'smoky living museum.' It offers an exceptional experience to passengers as they board the ship. The ship has been meticulously restored and preserved to retain its original appearance over 70 years ago. Show more

Where does the Vic 32 sail to?

The Vic 32 takes a week-long cruise along the historic Crinan Canal, spanning nine miles in Scotland. Starting from Ardrishaig, the journey ends at Crinan, passing through multiple locks. Onboard the cruise, passengers are rewarded with breathtaking views of Scotland's West Coast's natural beauty while enjoying the ship's charmingly restored features. Show more

When is the best time to take the Vic 32 cruise?

The Vic 32 cruises provide a special experience from late April to mid-September. Scotland is best visited during this period because of its mild weather and long daylight hours that allow for more exploration time. Cruises usually fill up quickly due to popularity, so advance booking is recommended. Show more

How long does the Vic 32 cruise last?

The Vic 32 cruise's slow pace allows passengers to view Scotland's West Coast beauty as they explore 40 miles of the Crinan Canal from Ardrishaig to Crinan in a week. Cruise highlights include passing through several locks, including the unique Ardrishaig 'double' locks, and admiring the stunning landscapes and wildlife like seals, dolphins, and various bird species. Show more

What can I expect to see on the Vic 32 cruise?

Passengers onboard the Vic 32 cruise will explore the awe-inspiring rugged beauty of Scotland's West Coast. During the journey, guests will pass through several locks, with the Ardrishaig 'double' locks being a notable highlight. The cruise offers panoramic views of mountains, isles, and Loch Fyne, coupled with encounters of seals, dolphins, and many bird species that call the region home. Show more

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