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Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Emerald-coloured pools possess magic powers that make you dive into the water, no matter how chilly it is

Best time: October–November

Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye

It is not a mere coincidence that these enchanting water basins are named the Fairy Pools—as you see the amazingly clear emerald water, you simply cannot resist plunging into the pool. The series of glacial basins are one of the most delightful natural landmarks found on the Isle of Skye near Glenbrittle, which is also famed for its waterfalls and mountains.

The two top pools are divided by a stone arch that people like to dive underneath. Though water temperatures are always chilly—approximately 11 °C, the best time to blend with nature is late autumn. At this time the bathing site is particularly eye-pleasing ornated with the natural decorations of lush marsh grass and splendid bracken foliage.

Practical info

When would it be best to visit Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye?

Late autumn, during the months of October and November, would be the best time to visit Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye. The lush marsh grass and bracken foliage create a mesmerizing natural display during this time. Summer months should be avoided due to crowds. Show more

Is swimming allowed at Fairy Pools of Isle of Skye?

Swimming is allowed at the Fairy Pools, but swimmers must note that the water temperatures remain chilly at approximately 11 °C. Swimming is generally safe, except after heavy rainfall, causing strong currents. Tourists must keep the pools clean and take their used plastic waste with them. Show more

What is the temperature of Fairy Pools' water?

The water in the Fairy Pools is always cold, about 11 °C. It is advisable to wear proper swimwear to protect from the cold during swimming. The temperature remains consistent throughout the year, making it ideal for adventures in open water. The swimmers must refrain from swimming during rainfall to avoid any accidents. Show more

What is the duration of the hike to Fairy Pools?

The time to reach Fairy Pools by foot can take anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on where one parks their vehicle. The shortest hiking route is about 15-20 minutes from the visitor's car park and is comfortable to walk. The unpaved trail involves a stone staircase, steep slopes, and uneven terrain, so hiking boots are essential. Show more

What are some other natural attractions in the vicinity of the Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye?

The Isle of Skye boasts several natural landmarks besides the Fairy Pools, such as the Cuillin Mountains, the Quiraing, and Old Man of Storr. The Cuillin Mountains offer hikers and climbers stunning views of Loch Brittle. The Quiraing's landslip provides a scenic overview of the Trotternish peninsula. Additionally, the Old Man of Storr is popular for its monumental rock pinnacle surrounded by scenic vistas. Show more

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