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Flower Blooming at Poyang Lake in China

Once you've visited this place in the blooming time, you'll realize this world could be pink enough even without wearing pink glasses

Best time: late October–early November

Flower Blooming at Poyang Lake

Once a year by the end of October and the beginning of November, the vast area around China's largest freshwater lake is lavishly coated with pink-purple flowers. Polygonum criopolitanum or simply knotweed flowers love the wetlands surrounding Poyang Lake. During the short flowering season, the area attracts dozens of tourists with cameras. Head out to China's south-eastern province of Jiangxi and enjoy the splendour of pink sea of flowers.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to observe the flower blooming season at Poyang Lake?

Late October to early November is the best time to observe the flower blooming season at Poyang Lake. The short-lasting flowering season could last for only a few weeks. Ensure to keep track of the flowering status of the wetlands and the weather conditions before setting out to have the best experience. Remember, every year, the time and duration of blooming season may vary slightly depending on weather patterns. Show more

What regions precisely contain the blooming flowers surrounding Poyang Lake?

Knotweed flowers are primarily found in the wetlands surrounding Poyang Lake. The eastern shore of the lake, with cities such as Duchang and Hukou, offers the best views. Visitors can also opt for a boat tour to observe the flowers from a different perspective. Show more

What are the other attractions present in Jiangxi province apart from Poyang Lake?

Apart from Poyang Lake, Jiangxi province boasts of exciting cultural and historical sites such as Jingdezhen, an ancient city that has produced ceramics for over a millennium. Visitors can explore the scenic Mount Lu range, which offers hiking trails and waterfalls. The province also includes the Longhu Mountain Scenic Area, the Lushan National Park, and the Zhanggongshan Park, amongst others. Show more

How long does Poyang Lake's blooming season typically last?

Typically, Poyang Lake's blooming season lasts between two to three weeks, from late October to early November. However, timings and longevity may differ based on various factors, including weather patterns. It is advisable to check the present scenario of the area so that visitors can experience the flowers in full bloom. Show more

What are the recommendations for capturing excellent photographs of blooming flowers at Poyang Lake?

Visitors can capture exceptional photographs of the blooming flowers at Poyang Lake by carrying high-quality cameras with telephoto lenses that impart intricate details to the images. Shoot during early mornings or late afternoons to get a warm glow of the flowers. Avoid windy days that might cause motion blur. Taking the photograph with the lake or water body in the foreground can provide an interesting composition to the image. Show more

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