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Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana

Maybe even better than a seaside resort: no jellyfish stings or sharks—these pure waters have no fish at all


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Renowned as the only crater lake in Romania on the Ciomatu Mare volcano, Lacul Sfanta Ana or the Lake of Saint Anna occupies an area exceeding 220,000 square meters and is roughly 6.5 meters deep. It is a miniature sea, yet better. Not only huge and deep enough to enjoy a swim, a dive, or a boat trip, it is also extremely pure containing almost no minerals as it is fed exclusively by rainfall. This means the lake is unsuitable for fish. Fishermen may object, but for most vacationers, it is paradise, as the swimmers do not have to worry about biting underwater creatures. The nice surrounding forest landscapes make the spot only more cosy​ place for a delightful summer weekend.

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