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Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana in Romania

Maybe even better than a seaside resort: no jellyfish stings or sharks—these pure waters have no fish at all

Best time: June–August

Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana
Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana
Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana
Swimming in Lake Sfânta Ana

Renowned as the only crater lake in Romania on the Ciomatu Mare volcano, Lacul Sfanta Ana or the Lake of Saint Anna occupies an area exceeding 220,000 square meters and is roughly 6.5 meters deep. It is a miniature sea, yet better. Not only huge and deep enough to enjoy a swim, a dive, or a boat trip, it is also extremely pure containing almost no minerals as it is fed exclusively by rainfall. This means the lake is unsuitable for fish. Fishermen may object, but for most vacationers, it is paradise, as the swimmers do not have to worry about biting underwater creatures. The nice surrounding forest landscapes make the spot only more cosy​ place for a delightful summer weekend.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to enjoy water activities on Lake Sfânta Ana?

The summer season, occurring between June and August, is the perfect time to enjoy swimming, diving, and going on a boat trip on Lake Sfânta Ana. The weather at this time is warm and sunny, and the surrounding forest is lush and green, creating a breathtaking view. Take advantage of this time to enjoy the natural beauty and indulge in various water activities. Show more

What is the location of Lake Sfânta Ana?

Lake Sfânta Ana, a highly revered tourist destination for nature enthusiasts, is located on Mount Ciomatu Mare's slopes in Harghita County of Romania. It is famously surrounded by forest and has easy access from the city of Miercurea Ciuc. Spend your summertime surrounded by the lake's natural beauty, and make the most of the stunning tree-lined landscapes. Show more

What is the maximum depth of Lake Sfânta Ana?

Lake Sfânta Ana, an impressive natural wonder, boasts a maximum depth of 6.5 meters. Its water is crystal-clear, making it perfect for various aquatic activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling. The lake covers an area of 220,000 square meters and is suitable for scuba diving, making it an exciting place to explore the underwater world. Show more

Does Lake Sfânta Ana have any fish?

Rainfall exclusively feeds Lake Sfânta Ana, making it unsuitable for fish to survive. Hence, there are no fish in the lake. This ensures that swimmers need not worry about being bitten by underwater creatures. Moreover, the water's mineral-free nature allows you to enjoy its purity and clarity, and you can swim with a sense of serenity unheard of in other bodies of water. Show more

Apart from swimming, what other activities are possible at Lake Sfânta Ana?

One of Romania's natural wonders, Lake Sfânta Ana, is a great place to enjoy hiking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. It is surrounded by a lush forest and offers bicycles lanes starting from its surroundings that take you through the Harghita Mountains. You can explore the lake's perimeter on foot or if feeling adventurous, rent a rowboat and discover the lake's beauty in your way while navigating the water. Show more

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