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Green Lake Park in Austria

Visit Styria during spring to see how a park turns into a lake

Best time: May–July

Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park

During the cold months, the Green Lake park in Tragoess is completely dry and a popular hiking place. However, as soon as the sun comes out in spring, the mountain snow melts and fills the park with ice-cold water. Interestingly the water takes a green hue on account of the grass and foliage beneath. The water level rises from 1 meter up to 10-12 metres in some parts. It reaches its highest point in June and at the end of July, the water begins to recede. Green lake used to be a popular site for divers during the spring and summer floodings. However, from January 2016, diving has been banned here due to concern for the fragile ecosystem of the lake.

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What causes Green Lake in Austria to flood every spring?

Every spring, Green Lake in Austria is flooded when snow from the surrounding mountains melts. In winter, the lake bed is dry and popular with hikers. As spring approaches, the melting snow causes the lake to fill with ice-cold water, rising the water level by up to 12 meters in some areas due to its unique drainage system. This transformation turns the park into a stunning emerald green lake. Show more

When is the best time to visit Green Lake in Austria?

The period between late May and the end of July is the ideal time to visit Green Lake in Austria. During this time, the water level is at its highest and most beautiful, and visitors can enjoy the lush, green surroundings from the previous season. The submerged park below the water surface creates a stunning view. The weather is mild but still brisk, making it ideal for hiking. Show more

Can diving be done at Green Lake park in Austria?

Visitors are not allowed to dive at Green Lake in Austria. In January 2016, a ban was put in place due to concerns about the fragile aquatic ecosystem. Previously, it was popular with tourists to dive during the flooding season of spring and summer to explore the submerged park at the bottom. However, the ecosystem was damaged, and thus to preserve its beauty, the diving ban was implemented. Show more

What is the depth of Green Lake during flooding in Austria?

The depth of Green Lake in Austria can reach up to 12 meters during the spring flooding season in some areas. The water changes to a rich green color, which enhances its beauty. The park's uppermost part can be three to six meters deep, exposed to sunlight for most of the day. The lake bed can have a deceiving depth, so caution must be practiced for those exploring the many paths of the submerged park. Show more

What is the history and significance of Green Lake in Austria?

The Green Lake in Austria has little to no historical or cultural significance. However, it is a unique natural phenomenon where a park transforms into a stunning lake during the spring months. During winter, it is dry and beloved by hikers, while during warmer months, the surrounding park transforms into a lush meadow with an emerald crown jewel that is the Green Lake. The transformation is breathtakingly beautiful, attracting visitors from all over the world to Tragoess, Austria. Show more

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