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Morning Glory Pool

Stunning beauty of this natural pool is vanishing due to pollution


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The Morning Glory Pool is one of the most famous tourist stops in Yellowstone National Park. The pool features an amazing variety of colors, which appeared due to bacteria that lives in the water. Once it has been a gorgeous delicate blue pool, nowadays it has changed the colors to yellow, orange, red and green. Red and yellow circles appeared due to the accumulation of other bacteria.

Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park - Best Season 2020

Unfortunately, this beautiful natural sight was damaged by trash and coins thrown by tourists. It influenced the circulation of water and changed the temperature and the colour of the pool.

Best time for Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park 2020

From time to time, on rare occasions, the pool erupts as a geyser due to seismic activity in the nearby area. Scientists hope that such eruptions will clear the pool in a natural way. It’s a great spot to visit and marvel the nature’s beautiful diversity, just be respectful of nature.

Best time to see Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park 2020

It might be more challenging to reach the spot in winter months, thus we recommend visiting the Pool from March to late November.

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