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Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

Pink ponds are framed by turqoise ocean waters and the blue skies


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Cabo Rojo Salt Flats or Las Salinas are among the most beautiful destinations in Puerto Rico. Visiting Las Salinas is quite surreal due to the views of pink water in the ponds framed by the bright blue sky and turquoise ocean. Cabo Rojo Salt Flats that have been used for the production of salt occupy about 1,250 acres (505 ha).

Start your hike at the visitors' center near the observation tower to capture the panoramic views of the colorful salt flats. The color of the water in the ponds is changing all the time depending on the concentration of salt, from bright to pale pink. From there, you can either choose a trail that leads to Los Morrillos Lighthouse or go for a swim at one of Cabo Rojo's best beaches, La Playuela Beach (Playa Sucia).

Cabo Rojo Salt Flats are also among the best birdwatching locations in Puerto Rico. They host about 40,000 migrating birds during winter. In addition, saline ponds have brine shrimp which serves as great food for the birds.

Cabo Rojo Salt Flats also have historical significance since the first salt production operations were started by Taino people in 700 AD. The lakes are pink all year round; however, you should visit them on a sunny day to enjoy the water in its most vibrant colors.

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