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Surfing in Puerto Rico

A dream destination for any surfer, Puerto Rico has a lot to offer to novices as well as pros

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Tropical climate, beautiful nature, warm ocean year-round, and impressive waves make Puerto Rico a surfer's paradise. Puerto Rico hosts many high-profile surfing competitions and has a developed infrastructure for surfers, including rentals, hotels, surf schools, and a considerable local community of surfers. While Puerto Rican barrels might seem less impressive than those in Hawaii, the proximity to the East Coast cities and affordability makes it an attractive surfing destination.

Best time for surfing in Puerto Rico

The best time to surf in Puerto Rico starts in the fall, as hurricane season brings strong currents and some big waves to the Caribbean. Winter is another excellent time to hit the waves, known for impressive swells and fast barrels over reefs. Early spring offers more fun waves for surfers, however, the seas start to get calmer closer to May. Summer is considered to be a low season for surfing since the ocean often stays flat and calm during that time.

Top surfing spots in Puerto Rico

The north coast and west coast of Puerto Rico are the most suitable for surfing. You can find some decent waves even near San Juan, in particular, at Playa Aviones. However, if you are looking for the best experience, head to the westernmost town of Rincon labeled as Puerto Rican surf Mecca. Surfers gather in large numbers at Domes, Tres Palmas, and Sandy Beach, especially during peak season between October and February.

Nearby Isabela is another cozy surf town that is suitable for beginners and pros alike. Its Middles Beach hosts the annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit competition. Finally, the town of Aguadilla boasts the first World Surfing Reserve in the Caribbean created in 2018. Its Surfer's Beach, Survival Beach, Wilderness, Table Tops, Wishing Well, and Crash Boat have something for a surfer of any level. You will find many rentals, surf guides, and surf schools along the northwest coast of Puerto Rico.

Practical info

What makes Puerto Rico a great surfing destination?

Surfers are drawn to Puerto Rico because of its tropical climate and warm waters throughout the year. The island has a flourishing surfing community with outstanding competition events, rentals, and surf schools. The factor that sets Puerto Rico apart from other surfing destinations is its affordability and accessibility for surfers coming from the United States, thanks to its proximity to the East Coast. Show more

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico for surfing?

The ideal months to visit Puerto Rico for surfing are between October and February, when the island experiences strong currents with impressive swells and fast barrels over reefs. Spring has less challenging waves, while the summer months offer calmer waters, which isn't ideal for surfing. Fall and winter remain the most favorable seasons to experience the best surf conditions in Puerto Rico. Show more

Where are the top spots for surfing in Puerto Rico?

The ideal spots for surfing in Puerto Rico are located on the north and the west coasts. Rincon has become known as Puerto Rico's surf Mecca, with Domes, Tres Palmas, and Sandy Beach being favorite spots. Six top surfing spots were granted World Surfing Reserve status in Aguadilla, while Isabela hosts the annual Corona Pro Surf Circuit competition on Middles Beach. Other popular surfing spots include Wilderness to the northwest of the island and Playa Aviones in San Juan. Show more

What should I know if I'm a beginner in surfing?

For those new to surfing, attending a surf school is essential for learning the techniques required to ride waves safely. In Puerto Rico, many surf school options are available that offer classes, equipment, and coaching, tailored to every skill level. Before hitting the waves, beginner surfers should also ensure they understand surfing etiquette to maintain safety standards and respect other surfers in the water. Show more

How can I find surf schools and rentals in Puerto Rico?

Surf schools and rental options are in abundance in Puerto Rico, with Rincon and Isabela being particular hotspots. Surf schools provide equipment and training for all levels and budgets, and some well-known options include Puntas Surf School, Rincón Surf School, and East Island Surf. Rentals are also readily available, with surfers able to choose from numerous options for boards, wetsuits, and accessories at affordable prices. Show more

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