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Find your wave and have a perfect ride near the coast of Peru

Best time: November–February | May–August


Surfing in Peru is almost a religion for some locals, who started learning it since an early childhood. It is also believed that surfing appeared in Peru in 3,000 BC when surfboards were made of reed.

There is almost no bad period for surfing in Peru, but you should actually think of the right place to be at for a specific month. In summer between November and February, the Northern coast of Peru receives perfect winds and the beaches of Cabo Blanco and Mancora host most of the crowds. Waves here rarely reach more than 3 meters, and surfers choose this time and region for a perfect and smooth ride. The water is warm and the air is hot, so light board shorts are fine for surfers.

From May till August surfing is relocated to the Southern part of the country around Lima and Punta Hermosa. Swells here are brought by a cold Humboldt current, so they can get extremely high and even. As the temperature of the water drops to 15ºC on average, a full wetsuit is recommended.

Practical info

Where is the best place to surf in Peru during the summer months of November to February?

Cabo Blanco and Mancora, located on the Northern coast of Peru, are considered to be the favored surfing locations during the summer months of November to February. The area receives consistent swells with perfect winds resulting in smooth waves perfect for surfing. The region also experiences warm waters and hot air temperatures for surfers to comfortably surf in light board shorts. Show more

What is the average wave height during the summer months in Cabo Blanco and Mancora?

Surfing in Cabo Blanco and Mancora during the summer period sees waves that are mostly below 3 meters in height with a smooth ride for surfers to enjoy. This period witnesses perfect winds and becomes the best option for surfers who want to tackle ideal waves during this time of year. The warm waters and hot air provide favorable weather conditions for surfers to surf in board shorts. Show more

When is the best time to surf in the Southern part of Peru?

The period from May to August becomes the best time to surf in the Southern part of Peru as surfing spots are located around Lima and Punta Hermosa. Here, swells are raised by the cold Humboldt current leading to consistent and high waves with consistent power. Full wetsuits are highly recommended due to a sharp drop in water temperature to an average of 15°C. Show more

What is the temperature of the water in the Southern beaches during the best time to surf?

The waters at the Southern part of Peru can drop to an average of 15°C during the best time to surf, i.e., from May to August. The cold Humboldt current raises the swells leading to an extreme challenge for surfers to handle. The use of full wetsuits is recommended by experts to allow surfers to tackle these high and consistent waves with their strength and get a satisfying ride. Show more

What kind of attire should surfers wear when surfing in the cold waters of the Southern coast of Peru?

Full wetsuits become a necessity for surfers when tackling the extreme conditions of the Southern coast of Peru. The water temperature drops significantly to an average of 15°C while the waves get high and consistent with the use of the Humboldt current. Surfers require full wetsuits to protect and insulate their bodies from the cold and be able to actively engage and explore these waters. These cold waters also entice surfers seeking a challenge to explore new possibilities. Show more

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