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Conquer the wild winter waves of the Atlantic ocean


If you're brave and looking for adventure, you ought to check out surfing. Luckily, Rio is a perfect destination for such a sport. In winter (late April–October) the ocean is most turbulent and the waves are formidable. The most popular places for this exciting water activity are Barra da Tijuca—the city's longest beach, Macumba, Prainha, Grumari, and Guaratiba. Just an hour ride north from the city you can find Saquarema, Buzios and ​Cabo Frio beaches as well.

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When is the optimal season for surfing in Rio de Janeiro?

Between the months of late April and October, surfers can find the best surfing conditions in Rio de Janeiro. During the winter season, the Atlantic Ocean is tumultuous, and the waves are more challenging, making it the perfect destination for experienced surfers. If planning to surf during other months, surfers must research and be cautious since the weather and wave conditions may differ. Show more

What are some of the best places to surf in Rio de Janeiro?

While Rio de Janeiro City boasts many great surf spots, including Barra da Tijuca, Macumba, Prainha, Grumari, and Guaratiba, surfers can also explore beyond the city boundaries. To find the best surf destinations, you can travel about an hour's drive to northern Rio de Janeiro and explore the Saquarema, Búzios, and Cabo Frio beaches. Show more

What are the sea conditions like during summer in Rio de Janeiro?

While it is best to surf in Rio de Janeiro during the winter months, between November and March, surfers can still find waves, particularly on windy days. The ocean environments are calmer in summer, and surfers need to plan and research beforehand since the waves may be smaller and only suitable for beginners. Show more

What can experienced surfers expect in wave conditions in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro features some of the most challenging and robust waves in Brazil, ranging from two to six feet, and occasionally higher. Depending on the location, experienced surfers can find various types of waves, including tubes, point breaks, and beach breaks. Experts must feel confident and stable on their board when handling larger waves. Show more

Are there any beginner surf schools or local instructors available in Rio de Janeiro?

Several surf schools and instructors are available in Rio de Janeiro, catering to beginners of all ages. Popular schools include Rio Surf School, Aloha Surf School, and Brazilian Surf Academy. These schools offer private and group lessons, covering everything from the fundamentals of balance, paddling, and pop-up techniques. The lessons are available at an hourly rate. Show more

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