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River Surfing in Montréal in Quebec

Montréal is famous for its perpetual waves on the St. Lawrence River

Best time: June–August

It might sound surprising, but in Montréal you can learn river surfing. The waves on the mighty St. Lawrence River appear non stop because of underwater boulders, and you can ride them for the whole summer and beyond. Two main waves are La Vague à Guy (Guy’s wave) and Habitat 67. The first one is weaker and hence more beginner-friendly. Habitat 67 is the favorite as it's located in just 5 minutes from Montréal downtown.

River surfing looks easier than it really is. It actually requires lots of preparation and concentration. Even experienced ocean surfers take some time and effort to adapt to this special type of surfing. If you need any help by acquiring the skill, don't hesitate to take a lesson from KSF surf school. Also, the whitewater rapids make it a popular spot for kayaking and rafting.

In winter, the St. Lawrence River is blanketed with ice and snow, yet some surfers, the so-called ice warriors, accept the challenge and venture into the frigid waters. Yet summer is considered the most popular time for convenient weather conditions. Nevertheless, even in the warm season, the water temperature may range from warm to arctic, so wet suit is recommended. Also, note that during the high season, you will probably need to wait in a line with other surfers. To avoid the queue, choose the early morning or evening, which offers another advantage of watching an incredible sunrise or sunset.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Montréal for river surfing?

Montréal river surfing is most favorable from June through August when the weather conditions are ideal. The period presents itself with warmer river temperatures and shorter waiting times compared to the high season. The recommended time to surf is early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the queue and the risk of cold. Wetsuits offer protection from the cold weather while surfing. Show more

Where are the most popular spots for river surfing in Montréal?

Montréal's La Vague à Guy and Habitat 67 are the most popular spots for river surfing, with the latter being a top favorite due to its central location. La Vague à Guy is friendly to beginners with less violent waves, while Habitat 67 offers more of a challenging experience to experienced surfers. St. Lawrence River is well known for water activities such as kayaking and rafting around the treacherous whitewater rapids. Show more

How difficult is river surfing in Montréal?

River surfing in Montréal is not for the faint-hearted and can be a challenge even for experienced surfers. It involves a rigorous preparation process, keen concentration, and mastery of body positioning to catch the waves. For starters, a professional surfer's aid from KSF surf school may come in handy. River surfing can be rewarding for experienced enthusiasts due to various wave routes to choose from. Show more

What kind of temperature can be expected during river surfing in Montréal?

The temperature of the St.Lawrence River's water varies between warm and very cold, depending on location and the time of year. The summer months of June to August offer comfortable surfing temperatures fit for wetsuits. The colder months have temperatures below zero Celsius, meaning the proper gear for cold weather such as wetsuits is necessary to keep warm while surfing or kayaking. Show more

Are there any other activities that can be done besides river surfing in Montréal?

Montréal's range of activities is vast, with other water activities such as whitewater kayaking and rafting available besides wave surfing. Explorers could try the North American's best cycling routes, and the surrounding restaurants and shops offer a peek into Montréal's culture and history. Relaxing activities may be a perfect fit for anyone looking to wind down. Show more

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