Best time to travel to Quebec

Indian Summer

When the days are getting shorter and colder, Quebec landscapes explode with colors

Indian Summer in Quebec 2020 - Best Time

© Blue Ridge Walker

To observe this natural metamorphosis, you should leave the city and head in the Mont Tremblant direction to the Charlevoix and Beauce regions, the Laurentians, or the Eastern Townships (Drummondville, Victoriaville, and Thetford Mines). These destinations are especially beautiful when autumn comes with its warm sunny days and gorgeous shades of gold and red.

A large number of maple trees make magic around Quebec. That's why mid-September is a perfect timing for a weekend getaway when trees burst with orange, yellow, and green.

While travelling don't miss a chance to visit small villages and try local cheese and wine. Or take a ski lift to see the beauty from up high.