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Raining Poetry

April–November • activity

Rainy weather reveals secret poetry that covers much of the city center

St Anthony Feast

August 27, 2017 • event

This feast showcases Italian culture in America's melting pot

Island Hopping

May–mid-October • activity

The islands of Boston Harbour conceal abandoned forts, ancient lighthouses, and many other surprises

Baseball and the Red Sox

April–October • event

Visiting Boston without seeing the Red Sox is just unforgivable

SoWa Open Markets

May–October • event

Boston's South End Open Market takes food shopping to another level

Boston Harbor Cruises

March–December • activity

Boston Harbor has all kinds of cruises on offer

Visit America's Oldest Lighthouse

late June–early October • activity

An ancient lighthouse overlooked by the Boston city skyline—a real trip for romantics


mid-May–mid-November • food

During lobster season seafood is particularly succulent


April–September • activity

This ancient bowling game which comes from the Roman Empire is nowadays quite popular in Boston

Whale Watching

April–October • nature

Cruising in Boston Harbour is twice as enjoyable when your companions are dolphins, whales, and seabirds

Beach Season

mid-May–mid-September • activity

If you don't mind frigid waters, you can enjoy a nice beach weekend


June–September • food

Clams come fresh, steamed, baked, fried, breaded, and in clam chowder—one has no excuse to abstain from this divine delight

Concerts in the Courtyard

June–August • event

Summer courtyard concerts—free of charge


April–November • activity

While the overcrowded downtown is slightly problematic for bicycles, scenic suburbian trails are perfect for the activity

Boston’s Historic Trails

April–October • activity

The glorious history of freedom-loving Bostonians lives on the city's numerous heritage trails

Charles River Kayaking

April–October • activity

Boston is one of those lucky cities that can be observed by boat

Swan Boats

mid-April–mid-September • activity

A short-lasting voyage does magic: passengers come back revitalised​, relaxed, and feeling great!


Charles Canoe and Kayak Races

not in rangeOctober 21–22, 2017 | April 21–22, 2018 • event

Check out the action on the Charles River in spring and autumn when Boston hosts two famous water races

Boston Marathon

not in rangeApril 16, 2018 • activity

Runners from all over the world come to Boston to partake in its most famous athletic competition


not in rangeMarch • food

Have you ever tried eating ferns? In Boston, this green delicacy is quite a popular ingredient

What the Fluff?

not in rangeSeptember 23, 2017 • event

The abundance of yummy, fluffy delicacies makes for a true paradise for anyone with an appetite for sweets

Frozen Waves

not in rangeJanuary–February • nature

This unusual phenomenon is a great reason to visit an island of Nantucket when temperature drops

Boston Harborfest

not in rangeJuly 01–July 04 • event

Naval ship cruising, historical reenactments, walking tours, and concerts—tonnes of fun and all for free!​


not in rangemid-October–April • food

Oysters never taste better than during harvest season


not in rangeDecember–March • activity

Boston's hilly terrain promises great winter fun

Fall Foliage

not in rangeOctober • nature

A leisurely stroll in Boston's parks is a delightful autumn experience

Spring Blooms

not in rangemid-April–late May • nature

Boston is particularly charming and colourful during the spring flower blooming period