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Singing Beach in Boston 2024

Shuffle the sand and listen to the magic sounds of this beach at Manchester-by-the-Sea near Boston

Best time: late May–early September (all year round)

Singing Beach
Singing Beach
Singing Beach

Singing Beach in the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea, about an hour drive from Boston, includes a beautiful large sandy beach and a nice concession stand. A beautiful landscape and seclusion make this beach so great. Besides, it's singing, although the sounds coming from the sand are more squeaky and creaky than musical. Your imagination and beautiful views can make it more melodic. Just shuffle sand with your feet and hear the sounds.

According to frequent visitors, the singing sand is the most intense on the dry side above the high tide lines of the beach. This phenomenon can occur on many beaches where sand is round, between 0.1 and 0.5 mm wide and contains some silica. The sound comes out when sand grains rub against each other, but even the slightest change of weather and humidity can affect this process.

The beach is excellent for walking and collecting shells, or just sitting on the sand and watching the sunset. Singing Beach is a public beach that you can visit anytime. The official beach season lasts from Memorial Day till Labor Day.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Singing Beach near Boston?

To maximize the swimming and sunbathing experience, visiting Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea during the official beach season that starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day is highly recommended. The weather is warm and perfect for activities from late May to early September and provides more enjoyable swimming in the sea temperature. Even outside these months, the beach is still an excellent place for watching sunsets, gathering shells, and leisurely walks. Show more

Where is Singing Beach located and how can I get there?

The address of Singing Beach, which is in Manchester-by-the-Sea, United States, is 119 Beach St., MA 01944. The beach is reachable within an hour by driving through the I-93 N and MA-128 N or MA-1A N from Boston, depending on the specific start location. It's preferable to transport oneself as public transit options are quite limited. Though parking space is available, it may be challenging to find parking spots during peak seasons. Show more

What causes the singing sound in the sand at Singing Beach?

The singing sound in the sand at Singing Beach is a fascinating phenomenon that happens when the wind moves the quartz-filled sand grains, creating a sound that can be described as a creaking or squeaking. This sound also occurs when the sand is moved through tools or when walked upon. This unique attribute is made possible by factors like the sand's mineral content, size, and the level of humidity. Singing sand is scarce, and only a few places, approximately 35 beaches worldwide, have it. Show more

Are there any restrictions on visiting Singing Beach?

There are no restrictions on visiting Singing Beach, a public beach that is ideal for families to visit, with on-duty lifeguards during the swimming season. However, it's advisable to arrive early, especially if you're visiting during peak seasons and holidays, as parking may become an issue. Please note that the beach does not allow entry to pets, and visitors should bring their essentials as rentals are not available at the beach. Show more

What other activities are available at Singing Beach besides listening to the sand?

Singing Beach, besides the rare singing sand, is an excellent location for swimming, sunbathing, and capturing the beautiful scenery. Visitors can also enjoy collecting shells, beachcombing, bird watching, and unwinding through reading a book. Manchester-by-the-Sea town has plenty of other activities like local shopping and dining and visiting nearby historic attractions like the 17th-century Brookdale Farm and the Singing Beach lighthouse. Hiking through the Cedar Swamp Trail and Tuck's Point historical park, which is close by, is also a fun exploration experience. Show more

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