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Best time to visit Boston

Boston Harbor Islands

The islands of Boston Harbour conceal abandoned forts, ancient lighthouses, and many other surprises


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Boston Harbor is the pride of this city, greatly owing to a group of islands it embraces. Each one is special on its own with something unique to offer. Little Brewster Island is home to the oldest lighthouse in America. Historic Fort Warren, which is reminiscent of Civil War times, remains abandoned on Georges Island. A solar-powered visitor centre sits on Spectacle Island. The islands offer amazing walking trails and cozy camping sites as well. Besides, one may find hidden beaches to indulge in unsupervised swimming and fishing. One may even find the occasional jazz concert, enjoy seafood at a clambake, or even take part in vintage baseball games. The Boston Harbor Islands National Park consists of 34 islands, but visitors​ are only allowed on 10 of them, and 6 of those are accessible exclusively from May through mid-October. So, this period is considered the best season for island hopping.

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