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Soos National Nature Reserve in Czech Republic

A unique natural site with mud volcanoes and pre-historic springs

Best time: mid-March–mid-November

Soos National Nature Reserve
Soos National Nature Reserve

Soos Nature Reserve is a vast peatland bog area located about 10km northeast of Františkovy Lázně. This reserve has lakes and mineral springs that have been famous since ancient Roman times, gaseous carbon dioxide springs and mud volcanoes that take you back to the prehistoric era. A wooden walkway trail lies above the bogs and dry lakes so you can see various geological phenomena.

The park is also inhabited by protected animals that you can observe in the wild. There is a museum of natural history with geological and paleontological exhibitions, a life-size dinosaur exhibit, the "Avian World of the Cheb District" exhibition, and much more.

You can visit the park daily from mid-March to mid-November.

Practical info

What can tourists see in Soos National Nature Reserve?

Soos National Nature Reserve offers visitors a range of geological activities, including lakes and mineral springs from ancient Roman times, carbon dioxide springs, and prehistoric mud volcanoes. The reserve also provides well-maintained wooden walkway trails for visitors to walk above bogs and dried-up lakes, giving them the chance to see the area's magnificent geological formations. Show more

What is the recommended time of year to visit the reserve?

Though closed during winter due to extreme weather conditions, the Soos National Nature Reserve is open from mid-March to mid-November, and this is the best time to visit the area and experience all its natural beauty and wonders. Soos National Nature Reserve provides a fantastic opportunity to see geological and paleontological exhibitions and to observe rare birds, insects, reptiles, and small mammals in their natural habitats. Show more

What kinds of wildlife can tourists observe in the reserve?

Visitors to Soos National Nature Reserve can observe several protected animals thriving in their natural habitats, including reptiles, birds, insects, and small mammals. Thanks to the reserve's purpose-built wooden walkway, tourists can traverse across the area's bogs and dry lakes and observe wild rabbits, foxes, and deer while enjoying the geological activities and natural beauty on display. Show more

What exhibitions are on display in the natural history museum?

Soos National Nature Reserve boasts a museum of natural history with exhibitions and artifacts on the reserve's geology and paleontology history. You can visit exhibits that explore the prehistoric climate, fossilized animals that have inhabited the area for centuries, a life-size dinosaur exhibit, and an exhibition that spotlights the bird population in the area called the "Avian World of the Cheb District." Show more

Is it possible to reach Soos National Nature Reserve by public transportation?

Soos National Nature Reserve is accessible via public transportation. The simplest and fastest way to get to the reserve is to take a bus or train to Františkovy Lázně and then take a taxi directly to the reserve. Visitors can also travel by private car or a taxi. However, it is essential to note that the public transportation timetable may differ, and some transportation methods may be limited during winter or low seasons, so research your transportation options ahead of time. Show more

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