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Tayrona National Park in Colombia

Tayrona National Park is the best way to spend a couple of days in contact with nature, enjoy the best beaches in Colombia, explore the wildlife, and relax under palm trees

Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park
Tayrona National Park
Playa de Arrecifes, Santa Marta - Colombia
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Tayrona National Park is a natural jewel of Columbia. There are a few ways to get to the beachfront area: you can hike, ride a horse, or take a boat from Cabo San Juan to the small fishing village Taganga. There are many beautiful beaches: Arrecifes, Cabo San Juan de Guia, Canaveral, La Piscina, and even a nudist beach.

Arrecifes is a great place to sunbathe, enjoy the beautiful sunset, play football, and do yoga. The views are stunning, but you can't swim there, it's too dangerous.

Cabo San Juan de Guia is one of the most popular places where you can swim and try delicious traditional meals. La Piscina beach is also suitable for swimming. Besides, it's the best beach for snorkeling. You can see sand sharks, blue tangs, blowfish, and sea turtles.

If you prefer to sunbathe naked, the nudist beach is perfect for you. Plus, here you can swim as well. Besides swimming and sunbathing at the Tayrona National Park, you can enjoy hiking. There are lots of monkeys, iguanas, and bats. The views are amazing, and it may seem like every 10 minutes, the scenery is changing, from jungle to beaches.

While hiking, you can explore lost cities and find indigenous settlements. The best time for hiking is at dusk or dawn, as animals are more active. Generally, there are lots of options to stay in the park overnight. You can sleep in tents or treehouse hammocks. Also, there are different types of hotel accommodations.

Although you can visit Tayrona National Park year-round, the period between June and September is a peak season with higher prices. So choose the ideal mix of smaller crowds and dry weather from February to March as the best time to visit the park.

Practical info

What are the different ways to get to the beachfront area of Tayrona National Park in Colombia?

One can access the beachfront area of Tayrona National Park by hiking or taking a boat from Cabo San Juan to the small fishing village Taganga. Besides, horse riding is also an exciting experience that provides a refreshing change of transportation. Hiking is the most common way to access the beaches, which takes 1-2 hours on average. Boats leave Taganga every morning and come back in the afternoon. Show more

What are the most popular beaches to visit in Tayrona National Park?

Tayrona National Park boasts multiple beaches, including the Arrecifes, Cabo San Juan de Guia, Canaveral, La Piscina, and a nudist beach. The Arrecifes is untouchable for swimming due to its strong tidal flow. The Cabo San Juan de Guia and La Piscina are the ideal spots for swimming and enjoying traditional foods. While, the nudist beach and La Piscina are recommended for naked sunbathing enthusiasts. Show more

Are there any dangerous animals within the Tayrona National Park that visitors need to be cautious of?

Tayrona National Park is home to several animals, birds, and reptiles that visitors can encounter during their visit. Dangerous species such as snakes and spiders require visitors to wear suitable clothing and insect repellents. While, minor issues have been reported in recent times. Visitors can witness monkeys, bats, and iguanas during jungle walks, and the sea life includes blowfish, blue tangs, sand sharks, and sea turtles during snorkeling. Show more

What wildlife can visitors expect to see while hiking in the park?

A hike within Taytona National Park's diverse environment covering the jungle to beaches unveils the different animal behavior in their habitats. Animal species like monkeys, sloths, anteaters, tapirs, and jaguars are commonly sighted during these hikes. Ruins of lost cities and abandoned indigenous settlements can also be discovered during a hike. A unique experience with the most varied nature awaits visitors in the park. Show more

What is the best time to visit Tayrona National Park in Colombia, and why?

Although available year-round, the best time to visit Tayrona National Park in Colombia is in February and March due to favorable weather conditions and fewer crowds compared to June and September, which marks the peak season. Late October to November can be challenging for visitors because of almost daily rains and hurricane weather, which prevail in the area. Visitors should avoid weekends and public holidays if they prefer peace and less crowded scenes. Show more

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