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Francois Peron National Park

Learn how unique the raw beauty of Australia’s wilderness is

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Francois Peron National Park located on the Peron Peninsula is a national park 726 km north of Perth and situated within the boundary of the Shark Bay World Heritage district. The park is full of picturesque coastlines with white sandy beaches and dramatic red cliffs.

The park was named after the French explorer and naturalist François Péron who was involved in scientific expeditions to Western Australia. The area was once a pastoral station, but now the park is one of the most essential wilderness regions in Australia and takes care of many endangered species. From the Cape Peron heights, you can witness manta rays, turtles, dugong, and sharks splashing in the water below.

Cape Peron has picnic tables, interpretive signs, toilets, and access to the beach. However, swimming there is not recommended as two strong currents meet there.

The best time to visit this heavenlike place is between April and October when the temperatures are the mildest and the winds are the lightest.

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