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Injidup Natural Spa in Western Australia

Secluded beach heaven in the heart of the Margaret River wine region

Best time: November–May

Injidup Natural Spa

The Injidup Natural Spa is a perfect beach to relax and watch the sunset. This hidden treasure is located in just minutes drive from the town of Yallingup, in the direction of Margaret River. When driving there, stay on Caves Road, then head west on Wyadup Road until reaching a parking lot for the beach. Injidup offers beautiful views of the Indian Ocean and is popular among surfers. A large rock pool is sheltered from waves by the rocks, and the water there is always warmer. Best time for enjoying a swim in the Injidup Natural Spa is during the summer months from November to May.

The Injidup Natural Spa can even give you a kind of massage when waves are blasting through a little wedge. Some people also try cliff jumping at the spa. But do keep in mind that there have been some accidents and injuries because of that. The Injidup Natural Spa is also a perfect spot for climbing boulders and small rocks—a great weekend beach destination revealed!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Injidup Natural Spa?

The ideal time to visit Injidup Natural Spa is between November to May when the temperature is warm, and the ocean's waves are a little bit calmer. During this time, visitors can enjoy swimming, surfing, or relaxing while watching the sunset. It's an ideal time to experience the best of the beach. Show more

How far is the spa of Injidup from Margaret River and Yallingup towns?

Situated in the Margaret River region at Wyadup Rocks, Injidup Natural Spa is only a few minutes by car from Yallingup and roughly 40 minutes south of Margaret River. Visitors can locate the place by taking the Caves Road and heading west before parking their cars in any of the several available parking areas. Show more

Is Injidup beach suitable for swimming?

Undoubtedly, Injidup Natural Spa is perfect for swimming owing to the large rock pool sheltered by rocks, making it a safe location for people of all ages. The rock pool water is warmer than that of the sea. However, visitors should leverage caution and be wary of the wave and tide movements around the pool. Show more

Can visitors go cliff jumping in Injidup Natural Spa?

Yes, at Injidup Natural Spa, visitors can cliff jump, but guests need to be careful, as some areas can be dangerous. In the past, there have been accidents and injury reports from cliff jumping. As such, before cliff jumping, visitors should make sure to assess the safety of the spot and proceed with caution. Show more

What are some activities besides swimming and surfing that visitors can do in Injidup Natural Spa?

While swimming and surfing are popular activities at Injidup Natural Spa, guests can also explore the beach, indulge in rock climbing activities, go fishing or snorkeling in the ocean, take a walk around the spa for views of the sunset, or take photographs. Visitors can also relax and enjoy a picnic at the beach while soaking in the scenic view. Show more

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