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Beach Season in Barcelona

Barcelona's best beaches are just a few kilometers away from the city centre

Best time: mid-May–mid-October

Beach Season
Beach Season

The greatest thing about Barcelona beaches is their proximity to the center. One can easily get there by metro or taxi. Swimming season starts from mid-May and lasts till first weeks of October. Southern beaches are rather crowded and full of entertainment while northern beaches are more quiet and relaxing. The most popular ones are the touristy Barceloneta Beach with the urban vibe, Nova Icaria Beach full of youth crowds, Mar Bella Beach with the nudist stretch, and Ocata Beach with flat sandy landscape and fewer people, but further away.

Practical info

When can you go swimming in Barcelona's beaches?

The swimming season in Barcelona's beaches starts from mid-May until mid-October, which is the best time to visit. People travel to the city for the warm weather and the ideal water temperature for swimming. Keep in mind that the beaches are usually crowded with tourists during the peak season, especially during weekends and summer holidays. Show more

Which are the most popular beaches in Barcelona?

Barceloneta Beach, Nova Icaria Beach, Mar Bella Beach, and Ocata Beach are some of the most popular beaches in Barcelona. Among these, Barceloneta Beach is the most famous, known for its lively and urban atmosphere, while Mar Bella Beach has a nudist area. If you are looking for a less-crowded tropical beach, Ocata Beach is a good option. Additionally, Bogatell Beach is quieter, great for those seeking a relaxing beach day along with nearby cafes, restaurants, and bars. Show more

What distinguishes northern and southern Barcelona's beaches?

There is a significant difference between northern and southern beaches in Barcelona. Northern beaches, such as Ocata Beach, are quieter with natural surroundings, perfect for those seeking a peaceful beach getaway. However, some northern beaches are closer to the city center and less secluded. On the other hand, southern beaches, such as Barceloneta Beach, are the most popular with a bustling atmosphere full of tourists. If you prefer quieter beaches, we suggest you avoid southern Barcelona's beaches or visit early in the morning. Show more

Which beach is suitable for families with children in Barcelona?

Barceloneta Beach is ideal for families with children. It is a lively beach with a child-friendly atmosphere and comes with a variety of restaurants and cafes. You can find plenty of entertainment options suitable for all ages, like water sports activities, beach volleyball, and more. The beach area is also equipped with changing rooms, showers, and public toilets. Nova Icaria Beach is an excellent alternative if you prefer a quieter atmosphere and chiringuitos and restaurants located nearby. Show more

What are the off-the-beaten-track beaches to visit in Barcelona?

While Barceloneta Beach and Nova Icaria Beach are must-visit destinations, some lesser-known beaches in Barcelona are worth checking out. For example, Bogatell Beach is a calmer alternative to the bustling Barceloneta Beach with fewer tourists and has a more serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation. Another excellent option is Somorrosto Beach, located near the Port Olímpic promenade, with clean waters and open-air bars and cafes. When you want a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs and a stunning view, you can visit Montgat Beach, one of Barcelona's hidden gems. Show more

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