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Swimming at Saint Peter's Pool

Check out the lunar terrain of this atypical beach—no sand but but smooth rock shaped by erosion. It's St. Peter's Pool!


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This beautiful natural swimming pool with crystal clear blue-green water is ideal for snorkelers and swimmers, or simply for those who want to spend a relaxing day in the sun. It is located close to Marsaxlokk, at the tip Delimara Point in the south-west part of Malta.The beach is covered with flat rocks. Beware of the sun in the middle of summer days. It can be quite strong and there is not much shade—the high cliffs are not always a good shield from sun rays.

You can use the ladders from the flat rock beaches to go down to the sea. Due to its secluded position, St. Peter's Pool is rarely crowded and you can easily find a spot for yourself. This place has no infrastructure, no refreshments either, so plan ahead and bring snacks and water. Do not forget to take a hat and a sun screen cream too!

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