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Beach Season

The ocean state is at its best during summer months


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Beach Season in Rhode Island 2020 - Best Time

Rhode Island is often called the ocean state. And though its small size, it has a lot to offer to a beachgoer. There's 40 mi (64.4 km) of coastline and dozens of bays and inlets that comprise 14% of the smallest state's area. Many celebrities and wealthy New Yorkers own summer homes in Rhode Island since it boasts some of the most scenic landscapes in the Northeast.

Narragansett Beach

Narragansett is a perfect weekend getaway that is especially popular with surfers. A classic New England coastal beachfront occupies 19 ac (7.6 ha) and can host up to 10,000 people per day. Ample parking, food concessions, and restrooms are available. Visitors can also take surfing lessons and rent surfboards. Early morning swells at Narragansett are especially impressive.

Narragansett Beach 2020
Narragansett Beach

Mohegan Bluffs

If you are searching for a more remote location, try Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island that offers several secluded rocky spots for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing. It takes a short hike to get to the beach, but you'll be awarded by beautiful views that stretch all the way to Long Island.

Mohegan Bluffs (Block Island) 2020
Mohegan Bluffs (Block Island)

Misquamicut Beach

Misquamicut Beach is one of the most popular in Rhode Island, especially for a younger people. One-mile (1.6-km) stretch of sand has a lot to offer. There are rentals for surf and paddle boats, jet skis, and other equipment. Kids can enjoy the carousel and water slides. There's even karaoke and live music on the beach!

Misquamicut Beach 2020
Misquamicut Beach

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