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Skiing and Snowboarding Season in Vermont

Skim along the slopes of New England's best skiing destinations

Skiing and Snowboarding Season
Skiing and Snowboarding Season
Skiing and Snowboarding Season
Skiing and Snowboarding Season

Vermont is heaven for skiers and snowboarders that can be reached in 2.5 hours from Boston and in 4.5 hours from New York City. Due to its beautiful nature, rural charm, and the abundance of snow, it's hard to imagine a better weekend getaway during winter months. The state boasts about 20 ski resorts with Killington, Stowe, Okemo, and Jay Peak being the most famous. The skiing season in Vermont generally runs from early November well into May.

Killington Mountain (December–April)

Killington Mountain at an elevation of 4,241 ft (1,292 m) is the second largest of the Green Mountain range. It boasts the largest ski area in the eastern United States. It receives about 20 ft (6m) of natural snow during winter. Diverse terrain across six mountains offers dozens of trails. One of the most challenging is "Outer Limits," a mogul trail marked with a double black diamond. There are also five snowboard and alpine parks, impressive half-pipes at Bear Mountain, and five impressive trails with ramps and jumps. Killington is also famous for its nightlife and entertainment.

Stowe (February)

The town of Stowe is nestled at the foot of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak of Vermont with elevation 4395 ft (1,339 m). Stowe is deemed to be one of the most beautiful and pristine ski towns in New England. This town offers 116 amazing trails for skiing, snowboarding, and other adventures. The ski lifts have the capacity to move 15,000 people per hour, and this historical village offers premium shopping and dining.

Okemo Mountain (November–mid-April)

Another popular Vermont resort includes the award-winning Okemo Mountain, boasting an impressive diversity and size of terrain as well as exceptionally groomed trails and terrain parks. Located in south-central Vermont, it attracts both pro skiers and families with children.

Jay Peak (mid-November to mid-May)

Jay Peak is located next to the US-Canadian border, and gets the largest amount of natural snow of all the eastern ski resorts. Offering 15 trails for beginners, 30 for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, and 31 for experts, Jay Peak boasts the longest season in the area.

Practical info

When is the best time to ski or snowboard in Vermont?

The ski season typically begins in November and ends by mid-May, with the best time to visit being between December and February when the snow is most optimal. That said, while snow conditions might not be as perfect, March and April boast longer sunshine hours and milder temperatures making them excellent vacation months too. Show more

Where are the most popular skiing resorts located in Vermont?

Killington, Stowe, Okemo, and Jay Peak are among Vermont's 20 ski resorts. Stowe and Killington are both in Central Vermont, whereas Okemo is in South-central Vermont, while Jay Peak is in the northern part of the state near the US-Canadian border. Show more

What is the elevation of Killington Mountain?

Killington Mountain is a part of the Green Mountains and the second-largest in the range, with an elevation of 4,241 feet (1,292m). With diverse terrain, the mountain is made up of six separate ranges, offering a plethora of trails for skiers and snowboarders. Alongside that, the mountain boasts five snowboard and alpine parks, five exciting trails with jumps and ramps, and on top of that, a legendary après-ski scene with a variety of nightlife entertainment options. Show more

Which Vermont skiing resort has the longest season?

Jay Peak skiing resort located at the northeast of Vermont bordering Canada boasts the longest skiing season of any ski resort in the eastern United States. They begin their season early in November and offer skiing and snowboarding activities till late May, keeping the resort open for approximately six months. Show more

What is the size and diversity of terrain in Okemo Mountain Resort?

Okemo Mountain Ski Resort in south-central Vermont provides an excellent skiing experience for everyone, apparently, regardless of their ability level. The resort boasts the largest vertical drop in southern Vermont, with 2,200 feet and over 120 trails, eight ski lifts, and five mountain areas, including world-class terrain parks. Plus, with an impressive 98% snowmaking coverage, the resort extends through April, offering an extended ski season that visitors crave. Show more

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