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Best time to visit Niagara Falls

Hiking Trails Close to Niagara Falls

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The Niagara Gorge Trail System is made up of a series of smaller trail sections that are parallel to the Niagara River Gorge. They offer some of the best biking and hiking trails in North America. You can explore a range of trails from easy to challenging ones, including a little boulder hopping and steep stairways. Hikes are mostly self-guided and are recommended from April to mid-November due to the weather conditions. Guided hikes are available from mid-May to October.

The geographic region traversed by the Niagara River north from the falls is known as the Niagara Gorge. Its trails are the hidden jewels of the area where you can observe the geological appeal of the place. What is perhaps the most attractive is that they are away from the crowds of tourists. Even on the busiest days, you will be lucky to only encounter a few people.

The upper Artpark Gorge Trail provides a gradual climb to the top where it meets the peripheral trail crossing to Devil’s Hole State Park. The lower River’s Edge Trail offers access to fishing. Trails begin at the upper end of the park at the small parking area.

The lower gorge leads to the Devil’s Hole Trail via stone stairs which offer unbelievable views of gorge rock layers and rapids.

The Erie Canalway Trail will turn walking or biking into the experience of a lifetime once you witness one of the world’s most renowned human-made waterways spanning between Buffalo and Albany. Exploring historical New York, Lockport or beyond has never been so magical.

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