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Hiking in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

A great way to discover Slovakia's beauty and avoid crowds

Best time: May–October (best in July–October)

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains
Hiking in the Tatra Mountains

Slovakia's mountainous landscape provides many activities like hiking, trekking, and Nordic walking etc. The Tatra Mountains, located on the border between Slovakia and Poland, are well marked, with all necessary chains and ladders. It's suitable for any level hiker. You can choose a one-day hike or spend a night in unique huts that have to be booked in advance. Sometimes the weather conditions can be really bad, and it can be hard to find a cottage.

While hiking, you will be amazed by scenic views of mountains and beautiful waterfalls. You will have a chance to discover spectacular tarns, like Zelene Pleso, Veľké Hincovo pleso, Štrbské pleso, Popradské pleso and Skalnaté pleso. You can explore different valleys, namely Skalnata (Rocky) and Kačacia (Duck) Valleys.

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains is available all year round, although winter is preferred by skiers and snowboarders. The favourite season for hiking starts in May when the snow finally melts. Some of the alpine trails are closed from November to mid-to-end of June. Therefore, the very best season is between July and October. Autumn months are preferred as it's less hot outside, the weather is enjoyable, the air is fresh, and the probability of storms is much less than in other months. Summertime hiking can be a bit challenging due to crowds and heat. Still, it has a pleasant plus–wildflowers bloom is at its peak.

Practical info

When is the best season for hiking in the Tatra Mountains?

Hiking enthusiasts can embark on a journey to the Tatra Mountains any time of the year and enjoy the trails throughout most outlets. The recommended time is between May and October, although July to October is preferred because there is no snow on trails. The weather is pleasant and ideal for hiking, and the chances of getting caught in a storm are minimal compared to other months. Autumn is a favorite as the temperatures are mild, and the wildflowers are in full bloom. Show more

What are the popular tarns that you can discover while hiking?

Tatra Mountains offer adventurous hikers a fantastic opportunity to explore and discover some of the most beautiful and unique tarns. Zelene Pleso, Velke Hincovo Pleso, Strbske Pleso, Popradské Pleso, and Skalnaté Pleso are just some of the popular tarns you will come across. Every tarn in the mountain is outstanding and scenic, with varying characteristics, shapes, and sizes. The most popular of them, Strbske Pleso, typically has activities like fishing, boating, and cycling that keep visitors engaged. Show more

Are there any safety concerns while hiking in the Tatra Mountains?

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains is safe, but visitors need to observe some safety measures. Since the weather in the mountains can change abruptly, travelers must check the forecast before embarking on hiking. Proper maps, water, and enough food are essential. Proper hiking equipment and sturdy shoes are crucial. Since some trails are steep, walking poles come in handy. Follow marked routes and avoid hiking solo. Check the conditions of the trail before commencing the hike. Show more

Where can you stay while hiking in the Tatra Mountains?

The Tatra Mountains offer a range of excellent choices for adventure-seekers to stay in while hiking. There are unique cottages you can book in advance and stay overnight. Tourists can stay at Shelter at Zbojnicka Chata in Western Tatra or Horska Chata Valaska in High Tatra for popular lodges. There are high-class luxury hotels such as Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatra, Hotel FIS, and Hotel Patria, providing top-tier amenities and a relaxing stay after a long day of hiking. Show more

Can you hike in the Tatra Mountains in winter?

Hiking in the Tatra Mountains during winter is fun and exhilarating with many activities like snowboarding and skiing. It is not advisable for amateurs to embark on this journey, and it is crucial to seek guidance from professional mountain guides. The trails may be closed in extreme weather conditions. Hikers should have the necessary items like snowshoes, warm clothes, and sturdy boots that are resilient in harsh weather. With cautiousness and preparedness, hiking during winter in the Tatra Mountains is an experience to enjoy. Show more

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