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Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia

Are you ready to partake in the second oldest marathon in the world?

Best time: October 1, 2023

Košice Peace Marathon
Košice Peace Marathon
Košice Peace Marathon
Košice Peace Marathon

The Košice Peace Marathon was held for the first time in 1924. Indeed, it's the oldest marathon in Europe and what is more, it's the second oldest in the world. During the first International Peace Marathon, there were just eight participants. However, the marathon movement became popular and nowadays a few thousand people come to Slovakia in the beginning of October in order to participate in this challenging event.

Traditionally it starts at the Marathon Arena. Runners can choose either a classical marathon of 42 km, half marathon Kosice-Sena, a corporate run, and other options.

Practical info

When does the annual Košice Peace Marathon take place, and where should one go for the exact dates?

Every year, the Košice Peace Marathon takes place on the first Sunday of October. Any variation of the date is usually reflected in updates on their official website. The marathon is held in Košice, Slovakia. The date changes slightly year after year hence checking the official website is recommended for exact dates. Show more

Where can one find the starting point of the Košice Peace Marathon, and what additional activity is available at the same venue?

Located within the city of Košice, Slovakia, the Marathon Arena serves as the starting point for Košice Peace Marathon. Along with this, the Marathon Arena also hosts a marathon expo, where runners can collect their race bibs and seek advice from seasoned marathon runners regarding the course, among other things. Show more

What makes the Košice Peace Marathon challenging for runners participating, in terms of topography and climate?

One of the significant challenges that runners participating in the Košice Peace Marathon face is the rough terrain with its various hills. On the 35 km course, there is one hill that can be particularly difficult to navigate. Another challenge in climate; the race takes place in October, which, in Slovakia, can bring cold, rainy weather. Regardless, finishing the marathon stands as a testament to the runner's will to go against the odds. Show more

Besides the Marathon, are there any other events organized, and what are some of the distance ranges?

Yes, several events accompany the Košice Peace Marathon for those of varying ages and abilities. There is an option of a half marathon that covers a distance of 21 km, along with a 4.2 km long fun run, a corporate run, and a mini-marathon for children. The fun and corporate runs are great chances to participate in a shorter run with family, friends or colleagues. Show more

What is the history of the Košice Peace Marathon, and how does it continue to amass a large gathering of international runners annually?

The Košice Peace Marathon holds the title of the second-oldest marathon in the world after the Boston Marathon, having first started in 1924. The objective of the marathon event was to promote peace and reconciliation globally after the conclusion of World War I. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially, garnering participants from all corners of the globe and fostering camaraderie among like-minded marathon enthusiasts. Show more

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