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Oslo Marathon 2024

The annual marathon attracts more than 16 thousand participants annually

Dates: September 21, 2024

Oslo Marathon
Oslo Marathon

Those runners who are not yet ready to run 42 kilometers can choose to run half marathon, 10 km or 3 km. The track is flat and goes along the seaside of Oslofjord. The route takes the runners along the seaside and shows them beautiful places such as the Akershus Fortress and the New Opera House. So why not join the crowds for the nice brisk run in the pleasant surroundings?

Practical info

When is the annual event of Oslo Marathon conducted?

Oslo Marathon usually takes place in mid-September every year with the upcoming one scheduled on September 16, 2023. This comprehensive race day caters to all levels of runners and is one of Norway's biggest sporting events, with over 16,000 participants every year. Show more

Which major attractions can the runners witness during the marathon?

The runners saunter along the scenic seaside of the Oslofjord, taking in some of Oslo's significant tourist attractions. They pass the breathtaking historic landmarks of Akershus Fortress and the unique architectural marvel of the Oslo Opera House, among others. As they move, they quench their thirst for beautiful scenery through the surrounding hills and islands. Show more

What is the distance covered in the half marathon, and what sites can the runners see during the run?

Oslo Marathon puts forward three races, including the half marathon, a 21 km long track beginning and ending near Rådhusplassen in the city center. Along the track, runners witness some of the city's spectacular sites such as Vikatorvet and the medieval district of Gamlebyen. Show more

Can visitors enjoy any tourist attractions except the marathon route?

Tourist attractions abound the Oslo Marathon route as the runners pass some of the city's significant landmarks – the historic Akershus Fortress, the unique Oslo Opera House, and the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park. Friends and family of the runners can take time out and enjoy Oslo's cultural offerings and best locations, along with a break from the race. Show more

Which time of the year is best suitable for visiting Oslo comfortably for the marathon event?

As Oslo Marathon happens every September, the late summer climate is perfect, with temperatures around 12-15 degrees Celsius, for comfortable running. Also, as the peak tourist season fades after the summer, visitors can experience reasonable rates, fewer crowds, and shorter lines at Oslo's tourist spots, hence making the trip budget-friendly and comfortable. Show more

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